The Waiting Process

I find myself in a very similar place as I was this past Monday when I last posted. Except for now I am in Greenfield, M.A. not Portsmouth, N.H. … I just finished a lackluster college fair not a successful one … and the weather is sunny yet cold, not very cold / very windy / and very rainy as it was earlier this week. (Speaking of weather, they still have SNOW up here in New England and it is May.) Despite these exceptions, there are similarities to my current situation and that of a few days ago.

Mainly, I sit here with an hour or so of free contemplation time (a true rarity for me) and I am also eagerly anticipating getting lost into a television show which will be on at 10pm. (Get it … lost in a TV show … yes LOST is on in less than 60 minutes.) So with this small window of opportunity, I thought I would provide an update addressing the second audience I spoke of in my last post … The Wait Listed.

Today is May 1st. In the world of college admissions that is one of those milestone dates. This is the day when all the admitted students must have made their decision of where they will be attending school in the fall. It is also a big date for students who are on a wait list, because now questions about enrollment, class size, and space availability can be addressed. In speaking with a few colleagues over dinner last night it seems that some schools have actually decided to start admitting students off their wait list even before May 1st. With all that in mind, I thought I would dedicate my first Hopkins Insider entry to the Wait Listed Students of the 2008 application cycle.

As far as an update, there really is not much to say. As of right now (the evening of May 1st), the Johns Hopkins Admissions Committee has made no decision about whether we will need to admit students off our wait list. Some may ask why is that, especially since other schools have made wait list decisions already. The simple answer is that we are very DELIBERATE in any decisions that we make about the enrollment of our class. We are not swayed by decisions made by other colleges and universities, as we focus solely on our own admissions numbers.

At this time it is too early for us to determine the current enrolling size of our class. May 1st is a postmark date for candidate reply forms, and since many students this year waited until the last minute to send out their responses, it will take a few days (even possibly a few weeks) for all the decisions reply forms to be received and processed. So for that reason alone we need to wait as we just don’t know the accurate number of enrolling students we have received for the Class of 2012.

Many questions about the wait list and our process abound this time of year, and to help answer those question, I created earlier in April a Wait List Discussion Thread on the Hopkins Forums.

Click here to access the Wait List Discussion Thread

I hope that the information on that FAQ list is helpful, and please ask additional questions if you have them.

So basically, my message to the wait listed right now is to … just wait. Hang in there. Be patient. I know that is not the news you want to hear at this moment, but unfortunately that is all I can share right now. As soon as I can, I will update the blog again with any wait list news. Also, remember to bookmark the Wait List Discussion Thread on the Hopkins Forums, as any useful information will always be posted there first.

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  1. Thank you so much for this update, but I have a favor to ask. Could you please let us all know when it has been decided if students will be getting taken off the waitlist? And also, will all the students be notified at the same time?

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