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Lots been going on this week, so instead of being miserable watching my mediocre NY Mets lose to the Atlanta Braves once again, I have devoted this evening to providing you all with some important updates. It would be easy for me to start this blog entry with some traditional popular culture references … such as how I am not sure if I can wait any longer for the season finale of LOST next Thursday … or how I think my addiction to Grand Theft Auto 4 has become a full blown illness … or how I look forward to a double feature of summer movies over Memorial Day weekend (Iron Man and Indiana 4) … or how I really hope the NHL Stanley Cup series between Pittsburgh and Detroit is as amazing a series as it is set-up to be … but instead of elaborating on these topics I am going to go straight to the updates. So without further adieu…


As of late this afternoon (Wednesday, May 21), transfer admissions decisions have been released. In the morning, the Transfer Admissions Committee confirmed decisions on the just over 730 applications for Fall 2008 admissions, with just under 70 students being admitted. Decision letters were dropped off at the Baltimore post office at just around 4:00pm and a little while after that decision emails were sent to those applicants who provided a working email address with their application.

Congratulations to those admitted transfer students, and as mentioned in the last two Insider Blog updates, we hope you will use the new Transfer Exchange section of the Hopkins Forums to ask questions and obtain useful information. JHU_Tanya and the other JHU Transfer Buddies are a great source of information as you make the decision whether to “stay or go.”

To those not admitted, we understand your disappointment. Applying as a transfer student to Hopkins is quite competitive, especially since we have so little room in the class for transfer students. We wish you the best of luck with your continued college search.

Finally, for those who did not receive a decision email, please note that just like with the release of freshman decisions we are unable to re-send decision emails. You will need to wait for your decision to arrive via the postal mail. The Admissions Office will begin to receive phone calls starting next Tuesday (May 27) for those who would like decisions to be released over the phone. Note that the Admissions Office is closed on Thursday for Commencement and next Monday for Memorial Day, and on this Friday are unable to discuss transfer decisions over the phone.


Not much new news to report from what I wrote on May 9th. The number of offers of admissions to wait list students this year stands at just about 30 students. We continue to be deliberate about our choices on whether or not we need to admit additional students from the wait list. All signs currently point to either a small handful of additional offers in the next week or no additional offers at this time. I wish I had more to report, but nothing has been finalized. Continue to check the Wait List Discussion Thread for any additional news.

What ever decisions we make in the next week or so, it is apparent that we will once again choose to release the majority of our wait list some time in early June. Additionally, we will most likely decide to hold a small percentage of students on an extended summer wait list. For details on how the summer wait list works, I suggest reading this update post from last year. Continued patience is much appreciated.


In just about 7 hours from now I will be arriving at the Homewood campus to volunteer for Commencement 2008. I have the fantastic job of driving around campus in a golf cart to help people get from one place to another during the busy day of Commencement activities. This is actually my first ever Commencement day at Hopkins, because this time of year I am usually on vacation in the Bahamas. Come to think of it, this is actually the first graduation I will ever attend since entering the field of college admissions ten years ago. I am happy that I am able to attend this year, as the Class of 2008 is the first class at Hopkins that I was involved with the admissions selection process. There are some amazing students graduating tomorrow, ones that will truly be missed.

One of the cool things about the Hopkins Commencement ceremonies is that there is a live webcast. If interested, and have some free time on Thursday … check it out.


Besides Commencement ceremonies, the Memorial Day weekend is a huge one for Hopkins fans. Both the Men’s Lacrosse team and the Men’s Baseball team will be vying for National Championships this weekend.

The Men’s Baseball team has made it to their second Division III World Series in school history. On Friday in Appleton, WI the baseball team will take on Adrian with hopes in remaining in the winner’s bracket and having the chance to host the trophy on May 26th. Stay updated here.

The Men’s Lacrosse team makes another appearance in the LAX Final Four, this year held at Gillette Stadium in New England. On Saturday, Hopkins faces nemesis Duke in one of the two semifinal games, with the hope that we can repeat our success from the 2005 and 2007 Final Fours by beating Duke once again. If so, then we face the UVA vs. Syracuse champion on Memorial Day. Can you say 3 championships in 4 years??? Fingers crossed. Watch all the excitement on ESPN2 or keep updated here.

I’ll be back next week with additional updates if available, and hopefully some great pictures from Commencement and maybe a couple of National Championships too.

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  1. Thank you so much for all the updates about wait listed students. I am anxious to hear any news I can get on the issue, so your posts are indeed relieving. =)

  2. It’s funny that the one day I DON’T check your blog, you post another update for waitlisted students.
    I also find it amusing that although your updates are meant to relieve us from anxiety, they have been making me more and more nervous. I still appreciate it though, so thank you for taking time to inform us.

  3. I posted my comment here yesterday….Hmm..it’s weird.
    Thank you for update! But I have question. Can I send my Q4 transcript from my high school? Do you think that will be helpful?

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