A Full Update is on the Horizon

Apologies for the long absence. No I haven’t disappeared. No I haven’t been fired. No I haven’t gone on vacation, YET! And, no I haven’t been lazy. The reason for the two plus week absence is simply because there has been a lack of information to update you all on.

This time of year the primary people visiting the Hopkins Insider blog are looking for updates on one of two categories: (1) The Wait List and (2) Transfer Decisions. Though there have been quite active discussions regarding both of these issues throughout the month, unfortunately there has not been any official decisions rendered, hence nothing I can share on the blog.

What I can assure you is that staff is working quite diligently on both fronts and hope to have updates shortly. The goal for transfer decision release has been this Friday, May 15 and as I depart the office on Wednesday it appears we are still on target. Please do not take that as an official confirmation as there are still some crucial decisions that need to be made before we can release those decisions. Any further deliberations could lead to us pushing the decision release date to early next week.

As far as wait list, there have been many discussions this week and there is hope during a staff meeting this Friday some final determinations will be made. Please do not read into anything here … no decision about whether or not we will use the wait list has been made. As always, stay tuned to the Wait List Discussion Thread for any updates.

Not much more I can say right now. I am off to root on the Washington Capitals in a crucial Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs (yes, I am a huge hockey fan) and then it is the season finale of LOST. No worries, I’ll be back in the office with my colleagues on Thursday and Friday working diligently on both transfers and the wait list. Just a bit more patience please.

I’ll leave my blog fans with one last update preview … more to follow on who this amazing young man is.


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