Snow Day

As most of you probably already know, the Baltimore-D.C. metro area was hit with a major blizzard Keith6 over this past weekend. Nearly 30 inches of snow fell between Friday and Saturday, crippling the city yet providing an amazing opportunity for Hopkins students to become children again and enjoy a fun-filled snow weekend. The weekend has been extended as the University is closed this Monday, a rare occurrence in the history of Johns Hopkins University.

While the students enjoy this day off and another opportunity to play in the snow, I on the other hand am beginning to go a bit stir crazy. For four straight days I have been in my apartment basically reading applications non-stop. I need to get out. Unfortunately though there are piles of snow that needed to be removed from my car first. I have made three separate shoveling trips for a total of three hours, and still probably have another hour to go. I will get out soon … hopefully.

To commemorate this momentous blizzard of 2010, I asked a number of the students I know to share their pictures from the weekend with me. So here is a slideshow of those pictures, as well as some of mine, to help put into perspective the snOMG / Snowpocalypse / B’morizzard of 2010:

Thanks to Miranda, Steph, Brian, Keith, Mandy, Lauren, Saznin and Tyler for sharing pictures. Special thanks to Tabitha and her housemate Shanna who provided some of the best shots in the whole slideshow.

Current reports say that another storm is ready to hit Baltimore tomorrow evening and drop anywhere from 6-16 more inches of snow. Whatever does fall this week, it will just add to the highest total of snow in this history of Baltimore for one winter season. I guess I finally know what it feels like to live in Buffalo.

Whether there are more snow days ahead, I know where I will be for foreseeable future … in my office (home or Mason) reading applications. No snow days for Admissions_Daniel … oh well.

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  1. That’s a lot of snow even for those of us up here on the south shore of Lake Ontario. Thanks for posting the pics.

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