Breaking News: RD Notification Release Date

Greetings Readers,

Just got out of a staff meeting and Dean Latting has confirmed that we will release regular decision notifications on Wednesday, March 31. I need to head off to BME Selection committee for the rest of the day, but I will update the blog tonight with full details on how the release of decisions will work. Just one more week to wait.


Mail Day is Coming
Mail Day is Coming

5 thoughts on “Breaking News: RD Notification Release Date

  1. Wow! Thanks for telling us this! I’m anxiously anticipating the decision, whether its an acceptance or not. Fingers are crossed.

  2. Excellent picture and very fitting for the topic. Sun is setting and the process of selection is winding down. Thank you for keeping us updated. I look forward to hearing my decision. Will check back later for the update. Happy belated Birthday to you!

  3. Just a few more days everyone.

    @Laurie – we do not release such information until after all decisions are complete and notifications have been sent out.

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