Status Update: What We Know Now

It is currently quite early on the morning of Thursday, March 18 and I am about to head into the office for another long day of committee work. I thought I would post a quick update for all of you and answer the question on most everyone’s mind — when will regular decision notifications be released?

Unfortunately, I do not have an answer to that question yet. I can let you know that we will not be releasing decisions this week nor we will release decisions next week. We will release decisions one day during the week of March 29. Please do not read that sentence as March 29 is the day we will release decision, because that is not true. At the end of next week, we will collectively see where we are with our committee work and Dean Latting then will ultimately decide what day during the week of March 29 is most reasonable for us to be done with our selection process so we can release notifications. We will release decisions no later than Thursday, April 1 and that actually could be the day we release. We could also release on Tuesday (March 30) or Wednesday (March 31). We just do not know yet.

We understand and whole-heartedly respect the anxiety many of you are feeling and that you just want to know what date you will hear the news. Please do not assume that we are dragging out feet and attempting to prolong this process. We are all working morning / day / late night to complete our work, finalize our class, and move on to the fun of April yield events. We want these decisions out as much as you want to receive them, but none of us are willing to rush through a very delicate process. We are all perfectionists at this time of you, and we need to be, especially in a year with such strong quality and a record size applicant pool.

As always, thank you for your patience and as soon as I know something I will update the blog. Since many of you always have questions about how decisions are released, I encouraged you to read through this blog entry I posted at this time last year regarding how we release decision notifications: RD Notification Day (2009) – Decision Release Explained.

Now it is back to committee for me. I hope you all enjoyed the previous blog entries introducing you a bit more to the Johns Hopkins Admissions Committee. I always enjoy learning more about my colleagues and appreciate how diverse and passionate a group of people I get to work with on a daily basis. I hope you all see how much we have invested in this process and how much we care about every last decision we make.

There’s really only one who doesn’t care for this time of year, and that is my dog Soze … that’s why he is lucky to go on a spring vacation down to Florida. Though I miss him a lot while he is away, it is best for him and he gets to enjoy being with my family and niece and nephew.

Soze doesn't get excited for Committee work
Soze doesn't get excited for Committee work

13 thoughts on “Status Update: What We Know Now

  1. Thank you so much for the update! I really appreciate the fact that you take time out of your crazy hectic day to post a blog on here. Now at least we all have a pretty good idea about when the decisions will be released. Hope you the next couple weeks go well for the committee!

    P.S. Soze is so adorable!

  2. Jennifer: Thanks for your comment. We are working hard to get those decisions out. Stay tuned to the blog — I hope to have an update later next week with an official date. Stay patient!

  3. Thank you for this! It does help me relax a little bit. We all know it’s the last stretch, so I hope the Committee, as well as we students, make it through!

  4. wow, thank you! I really do appreciate your update as well. I’ll stay patient and wait to see the decision! Hope this week with beautiful weather made your days!

  5. How are the decisions given out? Will you email, USPS mail or is there a log in for kids to check their status?? I’m losing track due to to all of the activity from various schools, thanks for any info.

  6. @YonaJu: Please note that this blog entry was posted back in 2010. That year the decision release date for regular decision applicants was March 29. The date has not been announced for 2012 yet. Stay tuned for more recent blog posts.

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