A Post For the Admits – Congratulations!!!

Currently I am sitting at my desk in Mason Hall on Friday afternoon trying to catch my breath. For the last fifteen minutes I have just been sitting, relaxing, and staring out my window onto the Decker Quad. There are a ton of people outside enjoying the beautiful 80 degree weather; students sunbathing, students playing Frisbee, and droves of prospective students  and parents walking around. The need to catch my breath is both from the whirlwind of activity that has taken place since the release of decision on Wednesday, as well as the close to 1000 visitors we had on campus … JUST TODAY!

Mason Hall on a beautiful spring day.
Mason Hall on a beautiful spring day.

I finally have a chance to contemplate all that has taken place in the short-term (decision release week) and the long-term (the complete Class of 2014 admissions cycle) and as usual the only phrase I can muster up is … WHEW! This is the first time I really have slowed down all week (all year?) and it is pretty amazing all that has transpired since the completion of the Early Decision class on December 15, 2009 and the release of RD notifications on March 31, 2010. There is a ton of April events on the horizon and a lot of correspondence to still go through, but right now all I can really think about is the approaching weekend full of beautiful weather, a Hopkins v. UNC Lacrosse game, and a very relaxing pace.  

Soze happy for the Class of 2014.
Soze happy for the Class of 2014.

As promised, I will end the week with an entry dedicated to the students who on Wednesday evening opened their “Congratulations” e-mail and who will soon be in receipt of the coolest admit packet in the entire country (no bias here!). To each and every one of you let me echo I word you probably have heard a record amount of times in the last few days, yet are not getting tired of it … CONGRATULATIONS!!! |

You have been admitted to the strongest class in Johns Hopkins history. Each and every one of you should feel a great sense of accomplishment and honor. You should know that by offering you a spot in the Johns Hopkins community we are saying loud and clear we think you fit. We think you will make a difference at Johns Hopkins and that we can provide you with the challenge and excitement you are looking for. After months of getting to know you all through your applications, we eagerly wait until the time when you and the Early Decision admits arrive on campus this coming fall. Great things are going to be expected from the JHU Class of 2014.

Lilly and Cooper (my niece and nephew) excited for the JHU Class of 2014.
Lilly and Cooper (my niece and nephew) excited for the JHU Class of 2014.

One of the great curiosities following the release of decisions is always about the admissions statistics. Well, Dean Latting shared them with the staff yesterday and let me know that I could share some of the data with the blogging world. So drum roll time …

  • Record applicant pool = 18,455. Increase of 2,331, or 14%, over last year. This is the eigth straight record applicant pool for Johns Hopkins.
  • The admit rate this year is 20.4%. This is down from 26.7% last year, and a record low for Johns Hopkins. The previous low was 24.3% in 2007.
  • The admitted freshman class represents 49 U.S. States (sorry South Dakota). As well, admitted students reside in 58 nations around the world.
  • All of our principle academic measures for the admitted class of 2014 are either higher or the same as last year.

Now many you have a very tough decision to make. Let me make it simple for you … CHOOSE HOPKINS. For some of you that is actually what you will do and it will be that simple. For many of you though you now have a month to weigh your options and determine which of your admitted schools will make the best fit for you.

This year the Admissions staff and more significantly the students of Hopkins Interactive have put together a ton of resources to help you determine WHY HOPKINS. So continue to, celebrate your amazing accomplishments and use the following resources to learn more about Hopkins and connect with our current students:

– Tons of information at our:
Admitted Student Web Site: http://apply.jhu.edu/admitted/main.html

– Check out our brand new site just for the Class of 2014:

Why Hopkins: Admitted Student Blog: http://blogs.hopkins-interactive.com/admitted/

– Don’t forget to register for a visit:
Spring Admitted Student Welcome Open Houses: http://apply.jhu.edu/admitted/visit/openhouses.html

– Follow all our new student blog posts – many directed at you all:
Hopkins Insider Twitter: http://twitter.com/HopkinsInsider

– Check out the new home page and amazing resource of:
Hopkins Interactive: http://www.hopkins-interactive.com

– Ask questions of current students and meet future classmates:
Admitted Students (Class of 2014) Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=355097536344

– Also ask questions and review numerous discussion about life at Hopkins:
Hopkins Forums – Admitted Student Thread: http://tinyurl.com/JHU2014forums


As a sign-off, enjoy this student created video dedicated to the admitted Class of 2014:

Why Hopkins: current students’ perspectives from Hopkins Interactive on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “A Post For the Admits – Congratulations!!!

  1. Thank you for all of your help, Admissions_Daniel!! I read each and every one of your posts and saw all the videos-what an incredible resource!! Johns Hopkins is my first choice university, and I feel that I belong there, in Baltimore. Sadly, the only thing standing between me and Hopkins is my financial situation. It is such torture to know that I was admitted to the university I had hoped so badly to get in to (thinking that the money and support would be there), only to find that I simply cannot afford it. Needless to say, I am very saddened by this current change in fortune, but I am proud to know that I was chosen by such an amazing university. I grew up hearing the name Johns Hopkins and had hoped to some day graduate with a degree from you. I can only hope that I can transfer as quickly as I can (maybe after working and saving). I never thought to find myself in this situation.

    Thank you, very much. (And yes, you do have the coolest admit packet I have ever seen.)

  2. This is really helpful and hopkins/baltimore seems so beautiful! Yes the admit packet was cool=D.

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