Additional May Updates: Wait List, Transfer, and Vacation

I was looking back over the past four plus years of this blog and specifically entries posted in the month of May and there are two common themes: (1) frequent updates on wait list and transfer; and (2) discussion of my first vacation of the summer. Well, since those entries have worked so well in the past I thought what better blog topic then updates on wait list, transfer, and my pending vacation.

Wait List Status Update
Earlier this week my Admissions colleagues initiated step two of our wait list process. In my previous wait list update, I explained that the staff had previously selected and contacted approximately 30 students for admission from the wait list. Those phone calls were made on May 14 and May 17 and we have received the responses we were waiting for. After reviewing the numbers, it was decided that an additional 20 or so students would be contacted this week by phone (step two) and be offered a place in the Class of 2014. As of this morning (Friday, May 21) all of our phone calls have been made and about 50 students have been offered admission from the wait list.

Now we move into another waiting phase. It is important to note that we have a certain number of spots to fill in our class but that number changes throughout the early summer as students are admitted from other wait lists and remove themselves from the JHU Class. We are able to predict that movement in general, but we also need to meet specific enrollment targets. It is our belief that the wait list decisions we have made the last two weeks will enable us to hit our target but there is still uncertainty in that. Therefore, at this time we do not have plans to release our wait list, nor are we stating that we will not admit any additional students from the wait list. We have made offers, now we wait for responses, and wait to see if any other students withdraw. In early June, we will re-evaluate everything and see what next steps are necessary.

As I stated previously, it is our expectation that if we need to admit any other students from the wait list it will only be a handful at best. It is fair to say that if you have not yet been contacted, the chances for your admissions from the wait list are slim. We have essentially met our enrollment targets now, and though we are not releasing the entire wait list at this time it does appear that will most likely be our next step. I do wish I could provide a more concrete and definitive timeline but unfortunately this is how the wait list selection process works. As always, keep an eye out on our Wait List Discussion Thread for further updates.

Transfer Update
It was just determined that the transfer decision mail date this year will be Wednesday, May 26. The Transfer Admissions Committee is using the next few days to finalize all decisions and then turn the process over to our Operations team to generate all the letters. As typical, decision letters will be mailed on May 26 and in the late afternoon e-mail decisions will be sent to all applicants who provided a working e-mail.

Please note that the Admissions Office will be closed on Thursday, May 27 for Commencement ceremonies, again on Monday, May 31 for Memorial Day, and once again on Tuesday, June 1 for an office retreat. There will be a skeletal staff in the office on Friday, May 28 so please understand that we will not be accepting phone calls about transfer decisions until Wednesday, June 2.

Best of luck to all the transfer applicants and thanks for your patience.

Vacation Time
This will be the last update for the next few weeks. I have actually been out of the office since Friday of last week down in Florida with my family. Tomorrow I depart for a much need vacation in the Bahamas. Though my laptop will be making the trip with me, I plan to only use it to add music to my iPod and watch DVDs on the plane ride. I’ll be back in Baltimore in early June and will post a blog update when I am all caught up with the work I am ignoring while on vacation.