Early May Updates

I returned from my travels in New England last weekend and have spent the week in the office catching up on a lot of little tasks. March and April are such busy months for me that a number of smaller tasks are pushed to the back-burner and it is always this first week in May that I tackle those projects. At the same time that we are ramping up the recruitment phases of the next admissions cycle (the Class of 2015!); there are still tasks to complete regarding the wrapping up of the current admissions cycle. I am specifically referring to the Wait List and Transfers.

Many in the Admissions world point to May 1 every year as the close of the admissions cycle. Though May 1 – the National Response Deadline Day – is a very important day, it is not the end as there are always Wait List and Transfer decisions to render. Since I know that the students who selected to remain on the Johns Hopkins wait list have many questions, as do the Transfer applicants who applied by the March 15 deadline, I thought I would provide the most up-to-date information I can at this time in early May. This will be my first, but not last, blog entry dedicated to Wait List and Transfer updates.

Wait List Status Update
The theme of this update is pretty simple, NO NEWS YET. There has been a lot of speculation and curiosity about whether we will need to admit students from our wait list, but I can confirm that as of the morning of May 6 the Admissions staff has had absolutely no discussion on this topic. For us, it is simply too early to make such decisions. Our process is and has always been quite deliberate. Just because some of our peer institutions have decided to activate their wait list does not mean we will be doing the same, nor does it mean we need to be acting in haste. We work with our own time-line and right now we are still analyzing all the responses by the May 1 deadline.

I suspect (and this is just my speculation) that we will have some discussion early next week regarding next steps. At that time we could decided to still wait, or we could decide to admit some students. I have no idea what conclusions will be made because they will only be made after Dean Latting discusses the options with the Admissions Committee. So the conclusion to gain from this update is that you need to remain patient.

Also, I remind you all that you should continue to review our Wait List Discussion Thread as there is a ton of helpful information there. Included there is the following response to the question of when one might hear about their wait list status:

“Our decision of whether we will admit students off the wait list will not be made prior to May 1 and it is more likely we will make that determination closer to June 1. We strongly recommend that you submit your deposit to a school where you have been accepted. If you are later admitted to Hopkins from the wait list and choose to attend, you will withdraw your enrollment from the other school and forfeit the previous deposit.”

And remember, if you have any questions about the Johns Hopkins wait list, post them there: Wait List Discussion Thread.

Transfer Update
The Transfer Admissions Committee (which I am part of for the first time in my career) is nearing completion of the first-read evaluations on the nearly 825 transfer applications we received this year. This total continues an increase of the number of transfer applications we receive each year, and based on feedback from my colleagues the quality of the applications is on par with the previous years (which means they are quite good). It has been an enjoyable for me to participate in the transfer review process as it is quite different than reviewing freshmen applications. Nearly each applicant has a unique story to tell, and has taken risks including going through the transfer admissions process. Participating in this process makes me reflect on my own experiences, which I discussed in a May 2007 Insider Blog entry entitled “An Ode to the Transfer Applicant.”

Over the next couple of weeks the Transfer Admissions Committee will be continuing the evaluation process and the plan is to release decisions by the end of May. No official date has been selected yet, as the official number of transfer students we can admit is tied to a number of issues revolving around the overall enrollment of the school. Expect transfer decisions to be released via e-mail and postal mail sometime during the third or fourth week of May.

At this stage in the transfer review process the discussion is as much about the quality of each individual applicant and the fit of each applicant to Hopkins, as it is about the overall number of admits we can offer. The enrolling freshmen class size, retention rates, housing spaces, academic distribution of programs, class sizes, and a number of other factors all tie into our decision making process. So there are a lot of numbers that will be figured out in the coming weeks — but rest assured the Transfer Review Committee is hard at work.

If you are a current transfer applicant and have any specific questions, please feel free to utilize the Transfer Exchange section of our Hopkins Forums.

LipDub Time Again
That is it for now. I’ll leave you all with something that constantly puts a smile on my face – the second production of a LipDub by the Hopkins Interactive students:

Hopkins Interactive presents: LipDub – Take 2 from Hopkins Interactive on Vimeo.

The second installment of our LipDub features the HI members having some fun in the Bufano Sculpture Garden on the Homewood Campus.

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  1. I just have one question, when will I be able to open my.jhu.edu? I sent in my deposit. I just need a timeline of what happenes now, you know, planners, housing, scheduling, financial aid and other things. I feel so in the dark. But I’m sooooo excited about coming to Hopkins. I’ve been reading the course descriptions and reading ALL the blogs about the TONS and TONS of things to do on campus and around. I’m anxious now to leave my high school life behind but right now its senior fun time at my school so I’m enjoying things just a little. :)


  2. Chantel: Check the Class of 2014 Facebook group later today as I will posting information that will answer your questions. I am currently working on getting some specific information from some other offices.

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