Wait List Update: Step One

Over the last few days the Admissions Committee has met to discuss the Johns Hopkins wait list. Starting tomorrow afternoon (Friday, May 14), the Admissions Committee will be contacting via phone approximately 30 students to offer them admission to the JHU Class of 2014. Congratulations goes out to those students we will be contacting and we are all excited to welcome them to the class. The Class of 2014 is going to be the strongest incoming freshmen class in Hopkins history, and we feel that these newly selected students will make a great addition.

The Admissions Committee is also excited that we did not need to look at a student’s financial need in our wait list reviews, continuing our fully need-blind admissions cycle this year. This is the first time any of us can recollect that we were able to offer admission to wait-listed students who had applied for financial aid.

For those of you who are not contacted tomorrow, please understand that this is just step one in our process. Because you were not contacted today does not mean you will not be offered a spot in the class in the future. We are not at this point releasing our wait list and we reserve the possibility of needing to admit additional students later in the month. As always, we are deliberate in our wait list review process. Everything is tied to the number of students in the enrolling class, and at this time we have surpassed our 1,235 enrollment target. Despite being above our target class, the Admissions Committee decided to admit this group of students from the wait list to increase our enrollment slightly and to protect against the “summer melt.”

Over the next few weeks, the staff will continue to monitor the numbers and discuss wait list issues. We may decide to admit another round of students from the wait list, or we may determine that the class is sealed. We could also choose to select some students for an extended summer wait list and release all the others. There are a number of options available to us, and we will continue to discuss all of them in relation to our enrollment figures over the coming weeks. We hope to finalize all wait list decisions by mid-June. Once we have reached a decision, all students who selected to remain on the wait list will be notified by mail or e-mail.

With all that being said, I think it is fair to say that if you’re not contacted during this first wave of calls, the chances for your admission from the wait list are slim. Any additional selections from the wait list will be small, as we have essentially enrolled our target class.

What we ask of you all now is PATIENCE. We respect and understand the frustration that comes with being asked to wait, and we are placing as much urgency on these wait list questions as possible. However, this takes time. In addition to your patience, we request that you refrain from contacting us to ask about your individual status on the wait list. Please do not call our office or e-mail us to ask us if you were one of the students selected or what your chances of being selected will be. Your patience will be appreciated, and once another update is available it will be posted here and on our Wait List Discussion Thread.

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  1. As step one, Contacting 30 students to offer them addition to the
    JHU 2010 Class has been completed as of May 14,2010.

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