Final Wait List 2010 Update

Later today (Friday, June 25, 2010) we will be contacting all wait-listed applicants who selected to remain on the wait list with final decisions. During this week the Admissions Committee met for a final time to make decisions regarding the wait list for the Class of 2014.

If you have been keeping up with this wait list discussion thread you will know that in late May and early June we admitted a handful of students off the wait list. Since then the Admissions teams has been very methodical and carefully tracking the size of the enrolling class. Though we had anticipated more fluctuation this year then in years past due to the volume of wait list movement by our peers, in the end our class size has not dropped below our enrollment goals. Therefore the decision was made not to admit any more students off the wait list. In the end, we selected 32 students for admission from the wait list.

The vast majority of you who remained on our wait list will be receiving correspondence today that states we do not intend on admitting any additional students from the wait list this year and that we have now met our enrollment target for the fall. This is our wait list release message and though a disappointment, it does end the waiting process. We wish you the best in your college career and appreciate the interest you showed in Johns Hopkins.

A small handful of those students who remained on the wait list (~100) will receive a slightly different correspondence. This group of students was selected by the Admissions Committee to receive an offer to remain on an extended summer wait list. This message states that although we have met our enrollment targets, in the event that space might become available, we will consider the students on this extended wait list. For those selecting to remain on the extended summer wait list from this group, an official final decision will be rendered no later than July 31st. Further instructions about the extended summer wait list will be included in the e-mail message that this select group will receive later today.

Two important things to note about the extended summer wait list: (1) the chances for admission remain slim and only will occur in the rare cases that more spaces become available. And, (2) the Admissions Committee selects the students to be offered a spot on the extended summer wait list, it is not something a wait-listed student may request.

I hope all this makes sense. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to post them on the Wait List Discussion Thread on the Hopkins Forums. We understand that this process can be frustrating and at times the waiting seems as if we were “stringing you along.” We appreciate your patience, and assure you that the time line was necessitated by our need to be careful and methodical in our decisions. Every year these decisions are quite difficult to make, and I hope you understand how much we agonize over these decisions. Best of luck to each and every one of you.