Summer Blogging – Meet the Class of 2014

Back in the summer of 2007, all of us in the Johns Hopkins Admissions Office were celebrating another National Championship for the Men’s Lacrosse team, were getting excited about our impending move into the newly constructed Mason Hall, and were quickly reading through “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” to find out how the series would end. Personally, my work agenda primarily included planning an upgrade of the two-year old Hopkins Interactive Web site. This included endless brainstorming with colleagues and a number of current students who worked for me. One of the ideas that came out of these brainstorms was a suggestion to get the incoming Class of 2011 excited about blogging for Hopkins Interactive by holding a contest over the summer before their freshmen year would begin. I honestly can’t remember whose genius idea this was, but one thing is for sure – it was not mine but I do enjoy taking credit for it. ;-)

The incoming freshman Summer Blogging Contest is now in its fourth year and after posting the winning five entries this past week it is clear to me that this idea ranks in the top five best Hopkins Interactive related ideas ever. (If curious, in my opinion the other four ideas that are on that list in no particular order are: our Academics Blog, our Guest Blog, our Hopkins CRIBS page, and our Insider’s Guide to Hopkins.) So in case you missed them this week, here are the winning entries for the JHU Class of 2014:

"I'd Rather Be a Bluejay"
"I'd Rather Be a Bluejay"

Name: Marina Gaeta
Hometown: Ithaca, NY
Intended Majors: Writing Seminars and Neuroscience
“I’d Rather Be a Bluejay”

"A Letter from the Future"
"A Letter from the Future"

Name: Fatimah Alkhunaizi
Hometown: Qatif, Saudi Arabia
Intended Majors: Cognitive Science and Neuroscience
“A Letter from the Future”

"You Have Arrived at Your Destination"
"You Have Arrived at Your Destination"

Name: Sydney Rooney
Hometown: Elm Grove, WI
Intended Major: Biomedical Engineering
“You Have Arrived at Your Destination”

"Finishing My Summer Bucket List"
"Finishing My Summer Bucket List"

Name: Devin Alessio
Hometown: Manalapan, NJ
Intended Majors: Writing Seminars and Romance Languages
“Finishing My Summer Bucket List”

"As Long As You're Sure This is What You Want"
"As Long As You're Sure This is What You Want"

Name: Clint Hall
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Intended Major: Global Environmental Change & Sustainability
“As Long as You’re Sure This is What You Want”

Here are links to winning entries from the previous three years:

Summer 2009 – Class of 2013

Alexandra Guttentag – Palo Alto, CA – Public Health Studies
“Yes Woman”

Tyler Dougherty – Ocean City, NJ – International Studies
“I Don’t Want to Have to Learn To Count … I Don’t Want to Grow Up”

Miriam Grossman – West Orange, NJ – Writing Seminars
“The Most Disorganized Catalogue”

Miranda Baxendale – Culver City, CA – History
“You Can Find a Nice Doctor to Marry”

Charlie Tsouvalas – Arcadia, CA – Chemistry
“Reading Between the Lines”

Rebecca Krishnan-Ayer – Dallas, TX – History of Art
“The List Goes On (and on, and on)”

Aishwarya Rajagopalan
“Establishing a Connection: The Chronicles of a Future Freshman”

Summer 2008 – Class of 2012

Hannah Joo – Kirkland, WA – Neuroscience
“An Ode to Thumbtacks”

Emily Sucher – East Brunswick, NJ – Writing Seminars
“Ready or Not College, Here I Come!”

Trang (Diem) Vu – Baltimore, MD – Biology
“The Day Marked on the Calendar”

Lauren Pennachio – Dalton, PA – Neuroscience
“The Ending and the Endless”

Rohit Dasgupta – Centreville, VA – Biomedical Engineering
“Head Shake by Mr. Johns Hopkins”

Summer 2007 – Class of 2011

Joshua Gleason – Park Ridge, NJ – Film and Media Studies
“The Quiet Things No One Ever Knows”

Jessica Kraus – Tenafly, NJ – Public Health Studies
“Metamorphoses: (n) A transformation, as by magic or sorcery”

Celeste Lipkes – Tampa, FL – Writing Seminars
“Slippery marble, Crab cakes, and Dropped s’s: Oh my!”

Lauren Carney – Westmont, NJ – Writing Seminars
“You, Your Bed, and Your World”