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Greetings once again, faithful blog readers and welcome to those of you new to the Hopkins Insider Admissions blog. It’s been close to a month since the last time I personally composed a new blog entry and I thought it was time to return with a number of updates. Not blogging as frequently as I used to has been pretty strange, but I’m glad that the Hopkins Insider has not faltered in my absence. I’ve really enjoyed reading all the recent guest author entries from my colleagues and learning so much about their fields of expertise. As well, Admissions_Shannon’s entries about her travels, her office responsibilities, and her love of all things Baltimore have been a welcome addition to the blog. I hope you all agree with my completely biased opinion. But enough patting ourselves on the back … on to the updates.

Clearly, the first update many of you want to read about is where things stand with Early Decision.  Other sources may have reported tentative totals for our 2011 ED applications, but the accurate number as confirmed by Dean of Undergraduate Admissions John Latting this morning is 1,330 applications. This is a 15% increase from our 1,155 total from last year and continues a nice trend over the last 10-plus years which the following chart displays:

The rise in ED applications to JHU.
The rise in ED applications to JHU.

We are all excited to see this continued increase in applicants stating that Johns Hopkins is their first choice school.  Over the last few weeks there have been discussions of what led to the increase. Many agree that it is a combination of factors, including the rise of students applying early in general, the increased discussion of our Early Decision plan this year, and evidence that Hopkins continues to be a “hot” school. Personally, I think the increase has everything to do with Dean Latting deciding to write a guest blog on the topic of Early Decision.

Fall is upon us at Homewood.
Fall is upon us at Homewood.

My second update is to answer the two questions that are most frequently asked this time of year from Early Decision applicants, their parents, and their counselors. Hope these answers help clear up any confusion:

When will Early Decision notifications be released?
The plan is to release ED notifications on Wednesday, December 15. When decisions are released they are mailed out (postal mail) during the day and then an email is sent after 6:00 p.m. EST. If our plans change, the first place you can find the updated details will be on this blog. To prepare yourselves, click on the Early Decision category tab on the left column and check out Decision Release entries for the last few years.  

Is my Early Decision application complete?
As you can imagine, it gets busy in the Admissions Office as we process application materials. Because of the volume of records being handled, it is not possible for us to confirm with each individual applicant whether their application files are complete or to identity which individual items have been received. We do email applicants an acknowledgment message after their application is received and processed.

Rest assured that application files are checked carefully for completeness. Starting next week our operations team will contact students whose ED applications remain incomplete. Those students will be given an opportunity to provide us with any missing items before we complete the evaluation of their applications. Often applicants ask if there is a way they can track their application online. Unfortunately, Hopkins does not have such a system. For that reason, our operations team is quite proactive in contacting applicants and guidance counselors to make sure all required application materials are received and processed correctly.

As always, if you have any questions, head on over to the Hopkins Forums. (By the way, check out the re-design—it’s pretty awesome.) There is an extensive 10-page discussion on Early Decision Questions that may be helpful.

The mail continues to pile up in Mason Hall.
The mail continues to pile up in Mason Hall.

Finally, for those of you who are eagerly awaiting the release of decisions on December 15, I encourage you to find a distraction for the next few weeks. One suggestion is to check out the updated student profiles we added to the main Admissions site: A second distraction could be all the amazing student blogs that have been posted over the last few weeks: And third, I highly recommend catching up on some great television shows. Here are the shows I am currently watching each week: Glee, The Walking Dead, Modern Family, Community, 30 Rock, House, Chase, Hawaii Five-0, and definitely Boardwalk Empire.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and check back next week for some additional Guest Author blog entries, a few more tales from Admissions_Shannon, and some updates for Regular Decision applicants.

8 thoughts on “It’s Update Time

  1. haha thanks for the distraction suggestions! Will the percentage of the freshmen class remain around 42.6% for students accepted through ED?

  2. @Randy: There is never a set acceptance rate pre-determined for our Early Decision review. The Admissions Committee reviews each individual application and than meets in committee to render final decisions. Any determination of what the admit rate will be is determined during the commitee review when a sense of the quality of the applicant pool is understood. Our decisions are based on the quality of applicants, not pre-determined admit rates.

    @Shannon: Great comment … now get back to reading (and cooking for your family).

  3. I’m sorry if it sounded like I presumed that to be a fixed percentage. I just know in the past its been a little over 40% continuously and was wondering if this pattern would just so happen to continue. Thanks for the detailed post though!


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