Breaking News: RD Notification Release Date 2011

Good evening blog readers. There is just about 10 minutes left on March 22, 2011 and I am heading to bed after another very long day of committee work. The day has been noteworthy for me as it was my birthday and my colleagues and family made it a truly special day for me. Though I am exhausted after three hectic weeks of committee work, it was wonderful to celebrate with people I have been spending nearly every waking hour with lately.

The BIG news of the day as it pertains to many of you reading the blog right now is that Dean Latting confirmed that we will release regular decision notifications on Tuesday, March 29. That means less than one week from today. As I am now a  year older I need to head to bed and get some sleep before returning to the office early tomorrow morning for another round of committee and BME selection. I will post a full update tomorrow with details on the process for releasing regular decision notifications, so please stay tuned.

Decision Release Day is approaching; less than one week to go.
Decision Release Day is approaching; less than one week to go.

2 thoughts on “Breaking News: RD Notification Release Date 2011

  1. wow. Thanks many for the update.

    I am quite nervous, but whatever the outcome it was fun to apply to hopkins and have the hope of getting in! haha

    thanks to everyone in hopkins admissions!

  2. Thanks for the Update on the date that decisions are released. Its funny after wanting to get in and find out as you get closer to the date you want to put it off more and more out of fear that it is not good news.

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