Featured Student: Maya Hernandez

Meet Maya Hernandez, a sophomore at Hopkins.

Presented by Chloe Rothstein, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions

She hails from Japan, California, Michigan, and Texas. Maya was born in Tokyo, Japan, where her mother’s family is based. But, after just two weeks of life, her family moved to Southern California for her father’s job working for the American government. About 12 years later, Maya moved back to Japan to the islands of Okinawa, just off of Japan’s mainland. Over the last few years Maya’s family has also relocated to Michigan and Texas–that’s a lot of travelling! After exploring the world, Maya has been ecstatic to spend the last one and a half years (two and half more to go!) in one place, at Johns Hopkins University.

Some of Maya’s favorite things to do include being a professional florist; studying psychology and architecture; being an active member of The HOP;  and serving on the executive board of Hopkins Hosting Society (HHS), the organization that brings prospective and admitted students to the Johns Hopkins University campus. Recently, Maya took an adventure with some of her best friends on Hopkins Hosting Society to “Fantasy World Party Rentals” to look at carnival rides, party games, glow sticks and other fun decorations for our admitted student program this spring.  (You can see many of the executive board members in the picture holding a ton of balloons below.)

One of Maya’s main responsibilities on Hopkins Hosting Society is managing the student leadership board, approximately 100 students who will help Maya and HHS manage the events the day of the admitted student program. See the picture of Maya and friends below with all the acceptance packets for students, who will be part of the student leadership board!

Maya also has a terrific sense of humor and to give you a sense of how much fun she has living in her dorm at Hopkins, she’s shared a few pictures of her and her friends hanging out in her room. Enjoy!