Featured Students: Shayna, Joju, Peter, and John

Meet Shayna, Joju, Peter, and John, Videographers extraordinaire

Presented by Shelly Placek, Office of Undergraduate Admissions’ Web and Publications Marketing Specialist

One of the great benefits of working in Undergraduate Admissions is getting to know the amazing students who work in our office. From our backward-walking tour guides to the friendly people who answer your phone calls, to the folks who work the front desk and those who keep us organized, our office is always filled with awesome students who make us laugh and keep us on track. On the communications team, we have the pleasure of working with four students who make up our recently formed videography team. Though they’ve only been on the job since September, they’ve been a huge asset to our office. Collectively, they are creative, funny, smart, and really, really good at their jobs. Individually, they each bring unique talents and energy to the team. Meet Shayna B. ’11, Joju V.  ’11, Peter B. ’13, and John B. ’14.

Some of Our Awesome Students
Some of Our Awesome Students

Shayna’s credentials were instantly impressive. In a pool of many qualified applicants, her resume and clips stood out, including internships at Universal Studios and Paramount. She’s served as lead on several assignments and worked closely with the Hopkins Interactive team in coordinating shoots and developing story ideas. She consistently turns in professional-looking work under tight deadlines, and I know she’ll do well in the industry after she graduates this year. She also wears really cute shoes and somehow knows what I mean when I say stuff like, “That thing that’s at, like, the 30 second mark that looks weird, take that out.” I like that about her.?

Shayna checks out footage from the Woodberry Kitchen shoot

I’m constantly impressed with Joju’s easygoing but ambitious approach to his work. He’s brought a lot of good ideas to the team and has initiated assignments, like his upcoming feature on security at Johns Hopkins, that I know will add a lot to our film library. He’s the perfect balance of professional and laid-back and I think that combo will ensure that he does well in whatever he decides to pursue. (Side note: I’m selfishly hoping he gets a job as a videographer for MTV so he can hook me up with the inside scoop on Teen Mom and Jersey Shore, but only time will tell.) He also gets my increasingly outdated Simpsons references, which makes me really happy, and tries to keep me on track with the hip things all the kids are saying these days.

That's Joju
That's Joju

Peter is our technical genius. Even when I don’t have any idea what he’s talking about—and that happens more than I like to admit, because he’s super smart and knows his stuff—I can trust him to tell me what equipment and software we need, and to know how to use it. He’s a wiz with the steadicam and brings some of the craziest, most entertaining ideas to our brainstorming meetings. I once got an e-mail from him that asked if we had a saw and black and white paint. I have none of those things in my office (I’m a communications lady, not a tech ed teacher) but if I did, I would’ve handed them over without question because I’m sure it was for something amazing. If you enjoy our videos, try to imagine what they’d be like with an unlimited budget, because Peter would deliver Inception for every assignment.

Steadicam master Peter eyes up a shot.

And last, but certainly not least, there’s laid-back Connecticut native John. He fits this job between playing goalie for our men’s soccer team and being a freshman but makes all that seem easy. I’ll never forget how excited John was during his first interview. He brought perhaps the least experience but the most enthusiasm and, since then, has really embraced his ambition to learn a lot about filming and editing. He’s learned from the other members of the team and done some training on his own time and, combined with his knowledge of photography and his natural instincts, has become a valuable member of the team. From operating the boom mic to appearing as a special guest in other people’s “Cribs” videos, John is just a good natured fella who will surely become one of our go-to guys as we add new members to our media team.

Get back to work, John!

I also wanted to give a shout out to two students who aren’t “mine,” so to speak, but are members of Admissions_Daniel’s uber-talented SAAB crew: Brian S. and Joe N. Both are always floating around the office, and seem to be tackling endless to-do lists. Brian was one of the first students I got to know here, and I got to know him pretty well over countless hours spent working on the Insider’s Guide for admitted students. He’s an environmentally conscious and ambitious student who picks up skills (like InDesign and printer-speak) with the ease of someone much older. And Joe. What doesn’t Joe do? (No, really, Joe…what DON’T you do, other than sleep??) He’s running the building one minute, re-designing Hopkins Interactive the next, then coordinating a video shoot, all while running the world from his Blackberry. This is the kind of guy who will change the world. Seriously.

I hope these guys enjoy working for us as much as we enjoy having them around the office. And you, dear reader, should check out some of the awesome video work here: http://www.hopkins-interactive.com/videos/ or read about it here: http://gazette.jhu.edu/2011/03/07/lens-on-jhu-and-baltimore/.