If it walks like a Blue Jay and talks like a Blue Jay…

Hello there! I am the Hopkins Admissions Blue Jay. I prefer not to reveal my real name so I won’t be recognized on campus (I like to be a bird of mystery, what can I say), but I will tell you a little of my story. I was hatched a few years ago and was recently hired to help with the Spring Open House and Overnight Program (SOHOP), our newest way for admitted students to get to know current Johns Hopkins students and explore our Homewood campus. Not to brag, but the Admissions office fell in love with me as I came up with great ideas (and helped them hang really high banners on Shriver and Levering Halls) and now I’ve been given the job of my dreams: I’m going to travel the world with the Explore Hopkins programs, to spread the word about blue jay life. But, first, we have to clear something up.

I am the Hopkins Admissions Blue Jay
I am the Hopkins Admissions Blue Jay

I was really excited to get to work in Admissions and represent our blue jay community, but then I stumbled onto College Confidential … and saw my name. You know Admissions_Daniel warns all prospective students to take CC with a grain of salt – that the potential for misinformation there is high – but, when people are gathering and mocking you because they think you look like a duck (!!!), it’s kind of hard to just shrug it off.

And now I’m really concerned that I might hurt Hopkins’ reputation. I never felt out of place or “wrong” before this. But this has caused me to question my identity as a blue jay all together. I mean, I don’t want to travel around, inadvertently convincing people that we’ve become the Hopkins Blue Ducks! I can’t believe it. Can I help it that I have a concave nose? To be honest, this fires me up. Who could mistake me for a duck?

Let’s just go to physical evidence. The first picture is of me, getting ready to go on an overnight visit with a student. The next picture is a blue duck who, quite frankly, looks a little ill-prepared for Hopkins. Let’s take a look at some of the discrepancies.

A Blue Duck?
A Blue Duck?

A. – Feet. How could I possibly get from Shaffer Hall to Mudd Hall so quickly with flat, webbed feet like those? I would be stumbling all over the marble steps on the Breezeway! I can’t imagine running across the Beach to catch a Frisbee or keeping quiet in the library either. It would just be impossible.

B. -Tailfeathers. This duck’s bottom half is kind of plump. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I’ve spent too much time in the Rec Center and training with the lax team to have my bottom mistaken for a duck’s. I’ve recently joined a yoga class there and am feeling relaxed and lean.

C. – Clothes.  Ok, I’m just going to say what you all were probably thinking – this duck is naked. What kind of self-respecting blue jay would wander Homewood Campus totally unclothed? I, on the other hand, am much more civilized. Sweatshirt? Check. And I even take it one step further: toothbrush? Pillowcase? Notebooks and pens, straight from the Johns Hopkins bookstore? Check, check, check-and-check.

D. – Hands. Take a look at the duck’s left hand. It’s clenched in a fist…an angry fist! However, as a blue jay, I remember to stay pleasant and look at the world as an optimist. (Sometimes it’s hard when I have a tough final exam coming up, but a big M&M cookie from Café Q always gets me back on track.)

Personally, I just don’t see the similarities at all. So, as I set off on my mission to share Hopkins with the world, let’s all keep that in mind. No matter what I look like, no matter what I seem:

I’m a blue jay. And I’m proud of it.

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