A Post for the JHU Transfer Applicant

Today the Hopkins Insider blog welcomes guest author and Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Sarah Godwin. Sarah is the Transfer Admissions coordinator and has been with Johns Hopkins for over three years.

Hello and greetings from Undergraduate Admissions. As you know, the focus of the past few months here has been to admit and enroll the freshman class. The entire month of April, I watched as one tent after another was set up outside of my window—preparation for the many visitors we welcomed to campus in April, including alumni and admitted freshman students and their families. (See, isn’t that a beautiful tent?)

One of the tents that appeared on Decker Quad in April
One of the tents that appeared on Decker Quad in April

While my colleagues were 110% focused on the admission and recruiting process for freshmen, I was (and still am) thinking about you, our transfer applicants. As the transfer coordinator here, my job is to make sure that your application gets reviewed thoroughly and in an organized fashion. This year, we received over 1,000 applications for transfer admission which is a record here at Hopkins.  With such a large number of applications, it is important to mention that each transfer applicant is unique, since there are a large variety of reasons that students make the decision to transfer. As an office, we try to understand your unique situation. Our goal is to reach a decision that is best for both you and the institution regarding your future educational plans.

Here is what happens when you apply:

Step 1: A complete application is eligible for review (students with incomplete applications were contacted on April 20, so if you did not get an incomplete notice, you can assume your application is complete).

Step 2: After admissions staff performs an initial review of all your credentials, your college transcript gets sent (electronically—we’re very high-tech!) to our colleagues in Academic Advising. If you indicated interest in an engineering major, the engineering advising office gets your transcript; if you’ve indicated a major in arts and sciences, the arts and sciences office gets your transcript.

Step 3: The respective advising offices do a second look at the transcript to check for appropriate preparation and make suggestions on course preparation. If you are offered admission, you will receive a personalized preliminary credit evaluation so you can see what courses may count towards your Hopkins degree.  Depending on your individual situation, it may also include suggestions for summer classes to make sure you are well- prepared when you arrive.  More information about credit transfer is available here: http://apply.jhu.edu/apply/faq_transfer.html#credits.

Step 4: If you are a financial aid applicant, your information is also sent to Student Financial Services so that your file may be reviewed by them. *Note that steps 3 and 4 are typically performed simultaneously (but one of them had to go first!)

Step 5: Committee Review. After steps 1-4 are completed, your file is now totally complete and the transfer committee does a final review on your transfer application. At this time, we take into account course capacity issues, availability of housing on campus (freshman and sophomores are required to live on campus), overall academic preparation, and ability for students to contribute to life at Johns Hopkins outside of the classroom.  

Step 6: Decisions are ready to mail! In 2011, all transfer decisions will be released by the final week in May. You will be notified of your decision first by e-mail, and then via postal mail.

The Quintessential Hopkins Image
The Quintessential Hopkins Image

The most frequently asked questions I get about transfer admissions are “when will I know my decision?” and “is there any way to get my decision prior to then?”  The only answer I can provide is that all transfer decisions will be released by the end of May. Unfortunately, because of the process outlined above, we are not able to release transfer decisions prior to the end of May.  Please note we are not able to process requests for those who would like an earlier decision. We certainly understand that you may need to make a decision to attend a different institution during this time. If you choose to do so, let us know (via e-mail at transfers@jhu.edu) and we will withdraw your application.

A Happy Group of JHU Students
A Happy Group of JHU Students

I hope this post has given you a bit more information about our transfer process here at Johns Hopkins. If you have not yet visited the transfer FAQ page, it has further information about the transfer process. http://apply.jhu.edu/apply/faq_transfer.html

That is my exclusive, “inside peek” into the transfer admissions process at Johns Hopkins.  I hope you’ve found it useful!

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