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It has been a whirlwind of activity over the last few weeks in Mason Hall, home to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Just as we completed the majority of our on-campus visit programs and the Admissions counselors returned from their fall recruitment travels, the November 1 Early Decision deadline came and went, but it did not pass without an adjustment. Following the Halloween weekend winter storm that hit the eastern seaboard, many in states from New Jersey all the way up to Maine experienced long term power outages. Like many other colleges and universities, Johns Hopkins University extended our Early Decision deadline through November 7 to accommodate students in the impacted areas. Now that extended deadline has passed, we can take a snapshot of the applicant pool and provide updates about where things stand with Early Decision.

Based on preliminary data, the Early Decision applicant pool is currently 1,432 applications. Due to a number of reasons (extended deadlines, delayed mail, cleaning up any processing errors), this number is likely to go up slightly over the next few weeks. Normally, the final official number is computed on December 1 so as to be accurate with totals from years past. Whatever the exact number is on that reporting date, what is clear is that for the fourth straight year and eighth time over the last ten years, our Early Decision applicant pool has grown. Currently, we are up 102 applications from last year, which calculates to an 8% increase. Again, we do expect this number to rise a bit in the coming weeks.

As we delve deeper into the early information some interesting data appears. The percent of women in the Early Decision applicant continues to rise, now at 47% when just a few years ago it was 44%. As well the number of under-represented minority applicants in the pool has grown for the third straight year. Unlike last year, where growth in the ED applicant pool came mostly from students interested in the social sciences, this year the growth appears to be with student interested in engineering. Finally, based solely on self-reported academic preparation data, not only have we received more applications but the “quality” of these applicants based on traditional metrics of GPA, test scores, and course rigor is also on the rise.

The Admissions staff is all excited about the continued increase in applicants stating that Johns Hopkins is their first choice school, and the counselors are already busy logging-on, reading, and evaluating applications. Along with an update to the numbers, I thought I would provide answers to the most frequently asked questions this time of year from ED applicants, parents, and their counselors:

When will Early Decision notifications be released?
The plan is to release ED notifications on Thursday, December 15. When decisions are released they are mailed out (postal mail) during the day and then an email is sent after 6:00 p.m. EST. If our plans change, the first place you can find the updated details will be on this blog. For more on the process of the release of ED notifications, check out this blog entry from last year that provided thorough details about how it all works: Update Time Again.    

Is my Early Decision application complete?
As you can imagine, it gets busy in the Admissions Office as we process application materials. Because of the volume of records being handled, it is not possible for us to confirm with each individual applicant whether their application files are complete or to identity which individual items have been received. We do email applicants an acknowledgment message after their application is received and processed. Rest assured that application files are checked carefully for completeness. At the end of the month our operations team will contact students whose ED applications remain incomplete. Those students will be given an opportunity to provide us with any missing items before we complete the evaluation of their applications. Often applicants ask if there is a way they can track their application online. Unfortunately, Hopkins does not have such a system. For that reason, our operations team is quite proactive in contacting applicants and guidance counselors to make sure all required application materials are received and processed correctly.

Finally, if your application is in and you are now waiting for the news, here are some distractions for you:

1) Check out This Month @ Hopkins Interactive:
– This is the most recent Hopkins Interactive project and is a one page re-cap of the best content published on the site over the last month. The page contains a select number of blogs, popular tweets, a picture, a video, and some event reports. Don’t forget to check out the archives, and check back at the start of each month for the next edition.

2) Check out our updated Student Profiles:
– One of the great sections of the Undergraduate Admissions website is our “Meet the Students” page. Here you can access student profiles from 28 current students – seniors through freshmen, students from 13 different states and Italy, and students of a wide range of majors. Each profile provides links to read each student’s blog entries or tweets, as well as a link to their personal message board thread so you can ask them direct questions.

3) Learn More, See More, B’More Videos
In Mid-October we premiered the 5th episode of the Learn More, See More, B’More video series. This video was part two of their tour of the Baltimore neighborhoods. Next up, a visit to the Baltimore Zoo.

4) Student Photos on Flickr
– Did you know that the Hopkins Interactive site contains a Flickr online photo gallery where current students can upload their pictures of life at Hopkins? The pictures are categorized for easier viewing, and earlier this week we posted our 700th picture.

For the Early Decision applicants, we hope you enjoy these distractions as we review your applications. For the Regular Decision applicants just know that the January 1 deadline is closer than you think. And for everyone, stay tuned as Admissions_Shannon and I have some enjoyable entries for the Hopkins Insider blog coming up.

24 thoughts on “Early Decision Update 2011

  1. Can you give a break down of the pecentage in the sciences, engineering, social sciences, and humanities. Do you try to take about 1/3 in the art/science, engineering, and humanities.
    Thank you

  2. Hopefully the trend doesn’t continue through next year, I have enough competition as it is. Good luck to all the applicants, I hope you find a good school rather it be JHU or something else.

  3. @Sheila:
    Applicants to Johns Hopkins University are not applying directly to a certain major or area of study (BME major is the exception). Therefore we do not provide statistics on the breakdown of applicants in our four academic disciplines (humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering), as students will change their intended program of study after being admitted, while enrolling in first semester classes, during their freshman year, etc. The Admissions Committee does attempt to bring in an academically diverse class, but there are no set percentages that need to be from each academic area.

  4. Thanks for the quick reply. Your wb sit is outstanding! The best interactive college site that I have seen.

  5. This is really interesting, and quite a relief at the same rate. It feels good having some light shown on the Early Decision process. This already seems like the longest month of my life, but things like this make it a lot more bearable.

  6. I heard that John Latting, the former dean of hopkins undergrad admission has moved to Emory. And Hopkins now has a new dean (I believe?).
    Would this have any impact on this year’s ED admission rate compared to past years’?

  7. @David:
    Yes, it is true that Dean of Admissions John Latting has accepted another position at Emory University and will be departing Johns Hopkins University, however he has not left yet. Dean Latting will be working through the Early Decision process so his vision and philosophies regarding selection will still be in place during our ED selection. Additionally, Dean Latting’s staff will still be in tact during the Regular Decision selection process and therefore there will be no deviation from the way application evaluation and selection has worked in years past.

  8. Thanks for this update on the ED. It helps all of us who are eagerly awaiting the final outcome.

    I had applied for financial aid – is there any way I can withdraw my request for financial aid but keep my application intact for ED

  9. @Vaibhav: If you want to make a change to your application, such as withdrawing your financial aid application, you must do that as soon as possible. Contact the financial aid office directly (fin_aid@jhu.edu) and request they withdraw any financial aid documentation you submitted.

  10. Will the 39% ED acceptance rate be kept somewhat constant this year? I am curious to see if the number of accepted students will be kept proportional year by year with relation to the rising volume of applications.

  11. @Genevieve: We do not pre-set an Early Decision acceptance rate as the quality of applicants varies greatly from year-to-year. Last year at the end of the ED review process the quality of applicants led to a final 39% acceptance rate. There is no way to determine while in the midst of file review what the acceptance rate will be. Our acceptance rate will be determined the day we release decision notifications.

  12. Admissions Daniel,

    I applied ED to Hopkins,and December 15 can’t come quick enough for me! I was reviewing the stats for the ED class of 2015, do you have a breakdown yet for the preliminary areas of academic interest for this years ED pool? I posted last years results below.

    A snapshot of the accepted Early Decision class 2015:

    Early Decision applications received: 1,330
    Early Decision students admitted: 518
    Early Decision acceptance rate: 39%
    Males/females: 54/46
    Preliminary areas of academic interest:
    Whiting School of Engineering: 31%
    Krieger School of Arts and Sciences: 69%
    Humanities: 13%
    Natural sciences: 32%
    Social and behavioral sciences: 21%
    Top five home states: New York, New Jersey, Maryland, California, Pennsylvania
    39 states represented, plus 48 international students from 20 different countries
    Top five countries (other than US): South Korea, China, Canada, India, Turkey

  13. @Kylie: The statistics you posted about the Early Decision Class of 2015 were posted after decision notifications had been finalized and released. We do not release such information in advance of decision release. You will have to wait until December 15.

  14. When do we get a notification of the missing admission materials??
    Should I just assume that all my application has been accepted and completed since I haven’t gotten any notification??


  15. @David: The Operations team has been working on missing items for about a week now and will continue to work on these issues in the coming week. If you are not contacted then you can safely assume that your application is complete. We do not notify applicants to let them know that their application is complete, only if it is missing items.

  16. Hi Admissions_Daniel,
    I was just wondering if mid-year report/transcript is required for those ED admits?


  17. @David: Yes, any applicant who is admitted or deferred in Early Decision is required to have their school complete and send in the mid-year report and updated senior year transcript by the February 1 deadline.

  18. @David: For accepted students, the mid-year report will be reviewed to make sure students are maintaining their academic performance after being admitted. If concerns arise, a student may have their admission rescinded. There will also be a final transcript for ED admitted students.

    For deferred students, the review of a mid-year transcript is going to be an extremely important part of the application review during the regular decision round, as it should be.

  19. Hi,
    Would you be able to tell us which stage of application you guys are at? Have all the applications been reviewed and processed?

  20. @Steve: We are currently in the committee review portion of our evaluation process. All Early Decision applications have been reviewed (and therefore processed) and now the committees are working on finalizing decisions for notification release on December 15.

  21. My quarter grades that my college counselor sent was kind of bad (few Bs) and it has been improved now, so I’m planning to send the new transcript asap. Am I too late? Does the senior quarter grade significantly affect the decision? Thanks.

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