Welcome to the Team, Bryan and Calvin!

Though we never like saying goodbye to colleagues when someone leaves our staff, the silver lining is we get to welcome new members to our team. At the end of this summer we welcomed two new members of the Admissions counseling team and they have already made a positive impact on our office. Bryan and Calvin joined us just in time to head out on the road and begin recruitment travel. Now they are back in the office regularly and diving into the application review process just like the rest of the staff. Since we know our applicants like learning a bit about who reads their applications, I asked my new colleagues to compose some short introductions. So now join me in welcoming Bryan and Calvin to the team.

 Bryan Nance – Associate Director of Admissions
Region: Delaware, New Jersey

Hey Skeech how did we get here? (Movie trivia #1) Good question! Please allow myself to introduce… myself. (Movie trivia #2)

I was born in Queens, New York, and I’ve lived in Seoul, Republic of Korea; Tacoma Washington; Indianapolis, Indiana; Newark, Delaware; Ithaca, New York, Medford, Massachusetts; and most recently Oxford, Ohio. I am a graduate of Norfolk State University (Home of the Spartans!) and the University of Delaware (Home of The Fightin’ Blue Hens!). I served as an active duty US Army Officer (Adjutant General Corps) where I learned how to jump from perfectly good aircraft while in flight. (AIRBORNE ALL THE WAY!). Finally, I am married to Kristina with two daughters Lauren (20) and McKinley (8), and son Miles (5).

Twelve years ago I had the crazy idea that I could change the world by becoming an admissions counselor. So with my master’s degree in hand, I headed off to Ithaca, NY, intent on doing just that. In that time I’ve worked at Cornell, MIT, Miami University, and now Johns Hopkins, I have been successful in recruiting, admitting, and enrolling students of color. Yet the more I do, the more that needs to be done. I’ve always been interested in causes where I can make a difference. I am pleased to be a member of the Hopkins family and hope to make Hopkins more diverse one admit at a time.

Calvin Wise – Assistant Director of Admissions
Region: Maryland, Oregon, Washington

My name is Calvin Wise and I have been at Hopkins for just over two months now. I am originally from the Baltimore area, graduating from Calvert Hall College High School in Towson. Before coming to JHU, I spent six years at St. Mary’s College of Maryland; four years as a student and two years as an Admission Counselor.

For the high school seniors, not too long ago I was going through a very similar process as you. Although I’d like to think graduating high school was not too long ago, I am referring to transitioning to a new job. Making the decision to leave what was my home for six years was my most difficult decision to date. St. Mary’s was where I was comfortable, with plenty of good friends and memories. However, I knew it was time to move on. After I interviewed at Johns Hopkins, I strongly believed I had found my new home, but did the Admissions staff share the same feeling? Day after day, I waited in anxiousness to hear word from the Admissions Office. A couple of weeks later, I received the good news and initiated my transition to become a member of the JHU community. Filled with mixed emotions, I loaded up my car and set my sights on Baltimore. Once on campus, I unpacked my office; went through orientation; and, most importantly, purchased my sweatshirt! The students, staff, and faculty here are amazing. They possess a unique caring and passionate nature with the strong desire to help others.

The lessons I learned during my college search process were reiterated during my transition in employment. The key to success is finding a place where you will be happy. Do not take the process of finding your next home lightly. Always trust in your abilities and do not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Change can be a great thing, providing us with new challenges and opportunities!

Bryan and Calvin now join John, Sherryl, John, Rachel, Sarah, Dana, Shannon, Chloe, and I on selecting and shaping the Johns Hopkins Class of 2016. Check out our Meet the Staff page for contact information for the admissions staff and our regional breakdown. Also, to learn more about the other members of the counseling staff review past blog entries in our Admissions Staff Profiles category.


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