Meet Your Admissions Counselor XI: Calvin Wise


Name: Calvin Wise

Region: Maryland (all counties except Howard, Prince George’s, and Anne Arundel), Washington State, and Oregon

Educational Background: B.A. in Economics from St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Meet Admissions Counselor: Calvin Wise

JHU Start Date: August 31st 2011

Years in Admissions: This is my 3rd year.

Why did you choose to go into college admissions?

I wanted to work in a profession where I could make a difference.  Every day, I get to help students through one of the most difficult processes they have experienced to date.

What do you like best about working in admissions at Johns Hopkins University?

Here at Hopkins, I have the opportunity to evaluate some of the most interesting students in the country.  It’s very exciting to see them bring their potential to our campus community.

What is your ideal set-up for reading applications?

My ideal set-up consists of a hot beverage, my iTunes, and close proximity to the kitchen.

What do you do when you need a break from application reading?

When I need a break from reading, I like to exercise.  It always clears my mind so I can refocus.

What is one of the quirkiest things an applicant ever did with their application?

For the JHU supplement question #2, a student once listed all the different quirks about herself.  I thought it was funny and unique.

What makes an application essay really stand out for you?

Essays that really show an applicant’s character and personality stand out the most to me.  The goal is to read an application and feel like I know the student without having met them.

What is the funniest thing you’ve overheard or seen while at Johns Hopkins?

During an information session I was giving, I saw Santa Claus walking through our lobby.  Pretty amazing.

If you could take a class at Hopkins, which one and why?

I would take the class Baltimore and The Wire because it focuses on one of my favorite shows.

What is your favorite place on the Homewood campus?

My favorite place would be the fitness center.  It has everything I need to work out and there is always a pick-up basketball game going.

If you could teach an Intersession class, what would be the class name and description?

Peter-topia: The Political and Social Significance of Family Guy. Using the popular television show Family Guy as our focal point, we will closely examine popular culture references.

What is the craziest question you’ve ever been asked while recruiting for Johns Hopkins?

A student once asked me if we performed background investigations on all of our applicants.

If you could be a student at Hopkins for a day, what would you look forward to most?

I would look forward to meeting new people.  Our campus is full of students from all around the world with different backgrounds.

If you could join any Hopkins club or organizations, which one would you join?

I would join the Multicultural Student Volunteers of course!  MSV is an organization that assists the Office of Admissions in recruiting and enrolling a diverse incoming class.  My reason for joining MSV is not because I’m partial (well maybe).  It is because MSV is a group that combines students from all of the different backgrounds represented on our campus.

What song or book or movie makes you think of your college days and why?

The movie that makes me think of my college days is definitely Wedding Crashers.  It came out on DVD during my freshman year and we watched it literally every day.

If a movie was made about your life, who would play your part and why?

I would have to say Will Smith because we have similar personalities.