Blogging Re-Cap: Posts for the Class of 2016 Applicants


This has been a busy month for the Hopkins Insider blog, and yes I know that is an understatement. With all the new posts I thought it would be helpful to end the month with a re-cap post sharing the links to the entries dedicated to the Class of 2016 applicants.

Live Blogging on RD Notification Day (Class of 2016)

A Post for the Class of 2016 Admits – Congratulations!

A Post for the Wait-Listed Applicant (2012)

A Post for the Denied Applicant (2012)

I have proof of how busy the past week has been as I reviewed some of the stats in our Google analytics. I am still amazed by these numbers:

– Number of visitors to the Hopkins Insider blog for the past five days (Monday, March 26 through Friday, March 30) = 10,307 unique visitors – 26,798 page views (almost 10,000 more page views than for this same time period last year).

– For just decision release day, March 29, 2012:
7,339 visits from 5,309 unique visitors for 12,927 page views

Simply amazing. THANK YOU!

Shannon and I will be back in April with new blog posts. We brainstormed last week on some topics and have some really interesting posts coming up. Stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “Blogging Re-Cap: Posts for the Class of 2016 Applicants

  1. Hi, Daniel. When do we find out about whether or not we were accepted into the Woodrow Wilson Undergraduate Research Program?

  2. @Carmen Smith: All winners of the Woodrow Wilson Undergraduate Research Fellowship have been contacted. Our office only sends correspondence to recipients of the Wilson grant. If you have not been contacted, then it means the selection committee did not award you a Wilson grant.

  3. Hi ! Honestly , a huge “thank you” for all these info u give to us.
    I want to make u a question and please give me an answer.
    My son is accepted at Hopkins with a huge need based scholarship.I’m afraid thathis final scores will be allmost at 35 (he’s going to IB 2).There is any posibility to have any trouble (NOT to be accepted or any problems with the scholarship that the Hopkins offer to him) with this grade ?
    Thank you for your answer , thank u from my heart.

  4. @gas: As stated in a student’s acceptance letter to Johns Hopkins University, in offering admission, we expect that students will maintain current academic performance and school citizenship. The offer of admission is contingent upon the successful completion of all academic work one is undertaking in a manner consistent with the basis upon which the students was admitted. If, after one’s final transcript is reviewed, one’s performance or curriculum has changed dramatically, the student’s admission could be withdrawn.

  5. All right, April’s nearly over – *when* are we getting a new Admissions_Daniel post?!? LOL

  6. @FeelingDeprived – April is a really busy month for an Admissions staff and Shannon and I did not have the time to post any new entries. We plan to resume blogging next week.

    @Anna – Transfer admissions decisions will be released in the middle of May. No official date has been set yet.

  7. @Daniel: Transfer decision notifications were released via e-mail on Wednesday, May 16.

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