Overlapping Roles

Explore Hopkins Spring 2012

Most of the visitors to the Hopkins Insider Admissions blog this time of year are current Regular Decision applicants for the Johns Hopkins Class of 2016, or parents of such students. This post though is not for you all, rather I will be writing to the other members of our readership who are prospective applicants to the JHU Class of 2017 or beyond. For the RD applicants all I can share right now is that there is no new news on which date notifications will be released. Everything I wrote in my March Admissions Madness post back on March 14 still holds true right now. Continued patience is appreciated, and please know that as soon as there is an update I will post a new blog entry.

For the juniors in high school or even younger I applaud you for starting your college search process early and for finding this helpful resource. Obviously, I also applaud you for having excellent taste in universities. I’m not one to brag but Johns Hopkins University is the #1 social media college in the country (see!) and in the coming week our Men’s Lacrosse team will be ranked #1 in the NCAA Division I polls (due to a thrilling OT victory over Virginia this past weekend.) As you all watch the upperclassmen in your schools fret over the release of admissions decisions throughout the month of March your own college search stresses have begun to take form too. Senior year course selection. SAT and ACT exams. Which SAT subject exams to take and when? When to visit colleges? What is this “fit” everyone keeps talking about?

Plan a Visit Soon
Plan a Visit Soon

As springtime arrives, every high school experiences the ending of one college cycle for the seniors and the starting of a new cycle for the juniors. These same dual cycles are occurring in all Admissions Offices as well. In mid to late February as the Admissions counselors are hunkered down reading applications 24/7, the number of campus visitors grows exponentially week after week. Once the calendar turns to March and the Admissions counselors begin the arduous committee deliberations, weekly tours and information sessions are busting at the seams. It is not until April that the true collision of those starting the admissions cycle and those finishing it is truly seen. It is during the 30 days of April that droves of high school juniors begin to make their first official college visits, just as seniors are attending special admitted student events to determine their eventual destination. When I started in Admissions fourteen plus years ago there was a bit of a break between the end of a cycle and the start of a new one … not anymore. Overlapping cycles is the norm and I must say at times it can be taxing on the mind and body of even the most seasoned Admissions professional.

As I said at the onset of this post, the coming days and weeks most of my focus will be on communicating with high school seniors and their parents, and specifically helping admitted Regular Decision students determine whether becoming a part of the Johns Hopkins Class of 2016 is right for them. But if you are a future applicant for 2017, 2018, or further in the future know that you matter as well. We might not have as much time for you in March and April as your elder classmen, and we might not provide you with as many in-depth visit opportunities, still know you matter and that attention will be lavished on you in due time.

Explore Hopkins Spring 2012
Explore Hopkins Spring 2012

In fact, in spring 2012, admissions representatives from Johns Hopkins University may be coming to town near you just to speak to prospective audiences, not current applicants or admitted students. We will be holding eight Explore Hopkins presentations throughout March and April to help interested students and families learn more about academics, student life, the application process, and financial aid. When and where you ask:

Austin, Texas – March 31
Houston, Texas – April 1
Dallas, Texas – April 4
San Antonio, Texas – April 5
Charleston, South Carolina – April 16
Detroit Metro Area, Michigan – April 24
Boston Metro Area, Massachusetts – April 28
Santa Barbara, California – April 28

Full details and online RSVP forms can be found here: http://apply.jhu.edu/visit/explorehopkins.html?slide.

Personally, I highly recommend the Boston area program as yours truly will be the star of the show. And don’t worry, we may not be coming to an area near you in the spring but we will triple the number of Explore Hopkins programs we hold in Fall 2012. In the meantime, you can always consider planning a campus visit: http://apply.jhu.edu/visit/visit.html.

So congratulations on getting your college search moving along early and we hope to see you on the road or on the Homewood campus in the near future.