The Home Stretch

My "office away from office"

Hello Insider readers! It’s been awhile since I checked in, so I wanted to share some quick thoughts on my first reading season with you this morning. It’s hard to believe that we’re nearly at the end of application review. In some respects, it feels like we’ve been reading for-ev-er, and in others, it feels like we’ve just begun. However, there is one thing that I can say with confidence as a first time reader– this process has been unlike any other I’ve experienced. I (along with my fellow counselors) have now read hundreds upon hundreds of Common App essays, supplemental questions, activity summaries, and teacher recommendations. We’ve been wowed by the creativity, honesty, worldliness, humor, maturity and passion reflected in the prospective members of the Class of 2017. We’ve laughed at some very hilarious essays, cried during a few heartbreaking ones, and been reaffirmed in our belief of the incredible power of young people with big ideas.

Here’s a look at life as a reader. I spend a lot of time here, at my little at-home desk…

My "office away from office"

…with my constant companions of hot tea and water.

Hydration station

My yoga mat is perpetually rolled out for random stretch breaks and spontaneous sun salutations…

Yoga and reading... they're all about going with the flow

…and my shoes are always ready to go for a run, my ultimate sanity-saver.

Ready, set... RUN

Oh, and I’ve been knitting too.

The fruits of my reading-break labors thus far
We’re in the home stretch now, and then we’re lookin’ at one short month until decision release day. Hang tough, prospective students! And enjoy your final semester– as cliche as it sounds, it truly will fly by.
 Until next time!

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  1. Good luck with all the reading:) It must be awesome to get know ideas from students all around the world. Lol…I wish I’m reading them too;)

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