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Greetings again from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions! By now, many of you are (or, for the lucky ones, already have) wrapping up your classes and getting ready for summer break. What’s on your agenda for the summer? Will you be working, traveling, or helping out in your community? Maybe you’ll be working on projects, taking classes, or completing an internship. Or, maybe you’ll just be relaxing, reading, and catching up on sleep. (That last option sounds pretty enticing to us, too.)

If you’ll be a senior next year, you’ll probably be thinking a little—or a lot—about your college search. Summer is a great time to hit the road and see some of the colleges that might have piqued your interest, or get serious about those that are at the top of your list. Here at Johns Hopkins, we offer a couple of different visit options over the summer:

    Summer is the perfect time to see the Homewood campus for yourself.
Summer is the perfect time to see the Homewood campus for yourself.

Hopkins Preview: These Saturday programs, held on June 29 and July 13, 20, and 27,

offer an extended information session and a tour of our 140-acre campus. What makes these programs unique is the chance to hear from current students; in addition to hearing about academics and the application process from our admissions counselors, you’ll also get to ask questions of a panel of current students. After the session, head out on a tour with a student guide—another great opportunity to ask questions. Registration is required for Hopkins Preview events:

Daily information sessions and tours: If you can’t make it to a Hopkins Preview, we also offer information sessions and tours on most weekdays. These are a great way to get a general overview of JHU, ask questions of an admissions counselor, and see the campus. Registration isn’t required; just check the online calendar for visit options:

Can’t make it to campus this summer? Check out our virtual tour to get a feel for JHU:

In our next entry, our director of admissions will tell you how to make the most of your summer visits to JHU and other colleges. We hope to see you at Homewood this summer—and don’t forget to pencil in at least a little relaxation time!

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