Hopkins Insider addresses THE question, “How do I get in?”


_JHU7219It’s time to answer a question we get A LOT in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions:

What can I do to  get in to Hopkins?

When we talk about applying to colleges, the first thing that comes to many peoples’ mind is usually the SAT. The truth of the matter is that there is no single most important factor and while test scores are important, it’s just one aspect that the admissions counselors consider when reading applications. We’re looking at the whole student. Here’s what matters to us:

  • Academic character: We’re looking for you to be someone who contributes inside the classroom. We want students who will take advantage of our curriculum, so when we look at your transcripts, we’re looking not just at your testing, but also the context of your class rigor, your grades, and your recommendations. We’re looking for students who are able to interact inside the classroom and take that learning and apply it to life.
  • Impact & Initiative: What are you doing outside of the classroom? We make a lot of entrepreneurial resources available to undergraduates, so we’re looking for students who will find innovative, entrepreneurial ways to make an impact.
  • Personal qualities & fit: What diversity do you bring to campus? Background, thoughts, training, passions? We’re looking for students who will make the most of all of the opportunities that the JHU experience provides.

And, of course, one place to really shine is the supplemental essay. Get creative—show your personality, passions, and aspirations. We DO read every word of every single essay.

3 thoughts on “Hopkins Insider addresses THE question, “How do I get in?”

  1. It is unexpectedly not always about grades. I guess they look at the definition of you. To see how you describe yourself..

  2. Honestly, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have dreamed about Johns Hopkins as my dream school and quite frankly my grades are alright, but they’re not fantastic. This is a great confidence booster and again, I thank you. You will be hearing from me, definitely. :)

  3. if i am pursuing Pharmaceutics as my graduate major,can i apply for chemistry as my undergraduate major?

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