What is Intersession?



At Hopkins we dedicate the month after the fall semester and before the start of the spring term to a mini-mester called Intersession. Some academic classes are offered, but the most exciting part about Intersession is that students can take courses that are not typically an option during the academic year—out-of-the-ordinary college classes like ballroom dance and other personal enrichment classes; Baltimore in Film, Fiction, and TV; and more.

“Perhaps the most interesting part of Intersession is the class I’m taking, which is called Magic, Witchcraft, and the Occult in Greco-Roman Antiquity…We learn about curse tablets, voodoo dolls, and amulets, yes, but we also seek to understand the social and political context in which magic existed, and how the interactions between magic and religion shaped the ancient world.” –Grace A., Class of 2016

To learn more about Intersession from a student perspective:

  • Watch this student-produced video for a closer look at what Intersession is all about: com/watch?v=VyRsS-pbgFg
  • Read this blog by senior Joseph S., all about his Intersession experience last year.
  • Visit Hayley S.’ blog page to find out the top seven most exciting things she did in her “Intersession State of Mind.”

Whether it’s learning how to play a musical instrument, exploring the city of Baltimore in a new context, or studying the history of magic, Intersession has something for everyone. To learn more about this year’s upcoming Intersession, visit http://pages.jh.edu/intersession/.