Where do Hopkins grads go after leaving the nest?


When you first step onto a college campus as a freshman, seeing past those exciting four years and into the future beyond undergrad can be hard to do. College is an important time to learn and grow as a student and individual, and helps set the stage for where you may end up later. As you’re gaining new skills, discovering new interests, and starting to see future goals take shape, you may start to wonder “Where will I be?” after those four pivotal years.

Right now, you may be more focused on the college application process and ultimate decision of where you’ll end up; one of the things you should start thinking about is how the school you choose should help prepare you for life after college—whether you already have a clear goal in mind or you plan to explore your options further. Keep in mind the end goal to all of these classes and homework assignments—finding your interests and learning how to thrive after your undergrad experience.

At Hopkins, academic flexibility and a focus on hands-on learning, including internships and research, provides our students with a lot of opportunities to engage in pertinent real-world experiences. As a top research institution, our academic mission is grounded in a liberal arts philosophy that prepares our students to accomplish their post-grad goals. A liberal arts foundation teaches them how to think critically, analyze problems from multiple perspectives, offer innovative solutions, and take a broader worldview. All of these are traits that help our alumni succeed in whatever path they choose after Hopkins.

So, what are Hopkins graduates doing these days? Check out our Alumni profiles to see how former Blue Jays are conquering the real world. Check out Erica Z., ’15, who is now working at Google, and Liz Skerrit, ’14, who’s creating visual simulations at the Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. As new Hopkins alumnus Joseph S. described not too long ago,

“Hopkins is—put simply—an incredible, life-changing place and, now on the cusp of graduation in little under two months, I know that I made the best choice possible.”

6 thoughts on “Where do Hopkins grads go after leaving the nest?

  1. Sandra, we’re so glad to hear you had a great Hopkins experience! We’re also really glad you read the Hopkins Insider blog.

  2. 2012, majored in History, and work at a hedge fund now in operational due diligence. I loved Hopkins and had an incredible academic experience.

  3. I went in 1965 where I had intended since the age of six to law school. It has been a great ride. Still going on fifty years later working hard. Doing good. Always confident.

  4. Hi I’m Alex, class of 2015. I graduated with a 3.9 in international studies with numerous NGO internships but I am still searching for a job. Most top recruiters do not recruit Hopkins undergrads for jobs. I’ve sent mails to every professor I had taken a class with about job openings and still no luck. Thank you Hopkins

  5. Hi Alex,
    We understand that the job search can be very frustrating, especially when you feel well prepared and are eager to take on a challenging position. If you haven’t already, you might want to contact the Career Center, which also offers services to alumni. Find more information here: http://alumni.jhu.edu/careerresources. Best of luck in your search!

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