Eats and Sleeps: Living at Hopkins


Academics and resources, research and internships, athletics and advising—sure, all of these are extremely important considerations when choosing where to go to college. But what about the normal, life-sustaining things, such as eating and sleeping? The food you’ll be eating every day and the places where you’ll be sleeping, studying, and hanging out are just as important when deciding where to live for the next four years of your life.

Are you a fan of locally sourced, sustainable food? Then you’ll love the dining facilities and many options available to hungry undergraduates at Hopkins. We have partnerships with over 20 local farmers to source our dining hall food and we’re ranked third on the Daily Meal’s75 Best Colleges for Food in America” list—so you know what you’re getting is not only tasty and good for you, but also good for your local community and the planet.

What’s not to love about living and learning with your best friends? On-campus (and the—barely—off-campus) housing at Hopkins is where friendships are formed and communities flourish. The Housing Department strives to create a safe, comfortable, entertaining, and educational living environment for our students. With many amenities and common spaces, residential buildings provide the backdrop for many students’ favorite undergraduate memories.