As told by students: The best things about college


From the mouths of Hopkins students, this is what college is all about:

  1. You’ll feel prepared for what is coming, whatever that may be.

“Never have I ever met a group of students more interested in and enthusiastic about the work that they do. At Hopkins, I have had the pleasure of meeting seniors who are developing their own startup companies, juniors who are accepting job offers at Fortune 500 companies, sophomores who are already presidents of clubs, and freshmen who are already involved in research with their professors. Surrounded by a student body like this, I am confident both in our futures and in the future of Hopkins.” Rahul N. ’19

  1. You’ll find your people here.

“Hopkins is special in the collaborative nature of its student body; I’ve never cherished this sense of collaboration quite the way I do here.” Joanna S.’ 18

“I’m thankful for being given the opportunity to find those I can truly rely on at the hardest of times, here, in college. I’m thankful for being given the opportunity to bond with my friends on a deeper level.” Sarah C. ’19

  1. You’ll use your brain, and you’ll love it.

“For the first time in my life, I left every class feeling intellectually challenged, stimulated, and just smarter.” Caleb B. ’16

“One of the best parts of the Hopkins experience, aside from being the 10th best university in the US (had to throw that in somewhere) is the ease with which students can turn their passions from mere personal interests, into large dedicated initiatives.” Dan F. ’17

  1. When the time comes, you’ll be sad to leave, but ready to take on the world.

“I know that whatever is thrown my way, I will know how to deal with it… Thanks, Hopkins, for teaching me more than I realized even as I was learning it.  I am excited and anxious and so sad to leave, but I know that when I do, I am ready.” Jackie R. ’16

What else is great about going to college? Exploring new places and finding your second home. To learn more about our students’ beloved second home, read their posts on Hopkins Interactive’s Baltimore Blog or watch our student-produced video series, Learn More, See More, B’more.