Life Cycle of an Application

ED decision release 2014

You’ve done your part: Completed the application, wrapped up your essays, and clicked submit. What happens now? Let’s walk through the life cycle of an application—everything from application processing to decision release.

The application review process at Hopkins can be broken down into five main steps:

1. Student Database 

Our student database is where application materials compile and wait until we have all required documents for an individual applicant. It’s very rare that all portions of an application arrive at once. As each piece enters, the document is matched to the student it belongs to. When all of the required documents are received, an application is considered complete!

2. Regional Review I 

As files are completed, they’re sent along to the regional Admissions Counselor (find yours here). It’s during the regional review that the preliminary read of a file is conducted. What are we looking for? Our admissions representatives are looking at an applicant in the context of his or her high school and geographic region. They each spend several weeks on the road each year to learn about the schools and students within specific regions. This ensures that our representatives are fully familiar with the opportunities available to each applicant depending on his or her school, resulting in a fair and educated review.

3. Committee Review 

After the regional counselor has done the initial assessment of the application, some files move to committee review. During committee, we consider the larger applicant pool beyond the narrow regional scope. Committee review is where we discuss individual applicants and his or her potential match with the Hopkins community. Once all factors are considered, the committee places an official admissions decision on each file.

4. Regional Review II

When an application has received an official admissions decision, the application is revisited by the regional Admissions Counselor.

5. Decision Release

After multiple levels of review, it’s time for the big day—decision release! Read more about that here.