Home Away From Home


It’s a strange feeling when you begin associating the feeling of “home” with different places. Observing our students from their first year all the way to graduation, it’s obvious that there’s a shift of sorts than happens here. Inevitably, walking around campus, which may have seemed strange and exciting and new as a first-year, quickly becomes as comfortable as walking around your childhood neighborhood.

We often hear about these transitions directly from our students. See what they have to say about their feelings about the word “home” and how it’s evolved for them:

  • “It’s a little sad to accept the fact that the place where I grew up doesn’t feel the same anymore…That calling it home feels strangely wrong. But it just means that I have a new home, one that feels so important to me that calling somewhere else home feels like I’m betraying something.” Quan B.
  • “This year, I’ve been counting down the days until my return to Homewood. My soon-to-be suitemates and I have been waiting for this moment since we said goodbye to AMR II, and, as the silverware and decorative pillows start to pile up in my living room, it’s finally starting to feel real.” Allison C.
  • “I’ve felt a shift in the way I identify myself, and in the way I relate to the city as a whole. I’m no longer a visitor, only here for the school. Baltimore is my home–not just Hopkins, but the whole city. It isn’t just a place to explore, to experience, but one to feel, to exist in, every day.” Grace A.

Read more about our students’ experiences living and learning in Baltimore by reading their blogs and watching some videos. Our current students are excellent tour guides!