Resources Worth Recognition


When it comes to considering all of your options while researching colleges and universities, we’re sure you’ve been asked many questions: Big school or large school? Private or public? Urban or rural? The list goes on…

Another important thing to keep in mind is the quality of student resources offered. Here at Hopkins, our students have access to over 40 student support services and organizations. From career counseling and study abroad to cultural centers and special programs, the support you will have as a student matters to your future-college-student self.

Beyond the typical resources like libraries, professors, and health centers, Hopkins students take advantage of a writing center, peer tutoring programs like MAPP and PILOT, a pre-professional advising office, as well as research-related resources like the Wilson Fellowship, PURA, and DURA to pursue academic interests they’re most passionate about.

Don’t forget—you’ll also have a network of friends at your fingertips, which is sometimes the greatest resource of them all!