Engineering News Briefs: November and December 2007

Issue of Time Magazine Features JHU Chapter of Engineers Without Borders

20071210_107Johns Hopkins University’s Chapter of Engineers without Borders was featured in a Time Magazine article in their December 10th issue. Here is the direct quote from Time:

At Johns Hopkins University, for example, engineering professor William Ball says more than half of his department’s students have signed up with the school’s EWB chapter, which is engaged in long-term work to improve irrigation in rural South Africa. “I know for a fact that many students come here because we talk about this sort of work,” says Ball. “And that’s the kind of student we want to attract.”

Click here to read the full article, and learn more about Professor William Ball by clicking here.

Freshmen Mechanical Engineering Students Compete in “Flippy Car” MecheContest

On December 10, the annual Mechanical Engineering Freshman Design Competition was held. This year’s project? The students had to design a “Flippy Car.” A twist on the usual mouse-trap car: the vehicle had to travel 10 feet, flip over, and then travel another 10 feet, using only the energy stored in rubber bands and mousetraps. Thirteen teams of students, who had worked on their cars for over a month, competed in a single-elimination tournament. Click here to check-out the full details about the Fall 2007 Mechanical Engineering Design Team Project. Click here for even more on MechE Design Projects.

VideoflierthumbEngineering Student Video Competition Launched!

The first ever Engineering School Student Video Competition launched in  December. Students must submit 2-3 minute videos on the topics:

1. “It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time”
2. “A Day in the Life”
3. A New Discovery
4. “How it Works”

Cash prizes will be awarded to the best videos in early March and a selection of the videos will be made available on the Engineering School website and on YouTube. Prospective students should check back to see what our creative students come up with. Click here to read the full details of the contest.

Mechanical Engineering Professor Featured in Science Magazine10841thumb

Professor Greg Chirikijian was recently featured in Science Magazine’s story “Making Machines That Others of Their Kind.” The article discusses the professor’s work developing simple robots that can make others like themselves out of a few relatively complex parts. Click here to view Professor Chirikijian’s faculty profile.