The Perfect Fit

Name: Ann Gordon

Parent of: Drew Lefkof – JHU Class of 2009 &
Katharine Lefkof – JHU Class of 2011

Hometown: Tiburon, CA (suburban San Francisco)


Drew and Katy are polar opposites. How they both decided to attend Johns Hopkins University and thrive there remains a marvel, if not a miracle, to my husband and me.



Of course this story begins with Drew. Johns Hopkins was the first college that Drew ever visited.  It was the summer after tenth grade and the start of a weeklong tour of east coast schools.  Drew was smitten with Hopkins at first sight – an evening ball game at Camden Yards clinched the deal. Surprisingly, no other college that week even came close. By the following summer and another campus visit, Drew knew that Johns Hopkins was his first choice school and that he would apply early decision.

How did he know? Drew had a few years of familiarity with Hopkins through web-based CTY classes. Initially, he dismissed Hopkins as a college choice because he thought it was primarily for pre-med students. I remember his excitement when he discovered online that Johns Hopkins offers majors in Writing Seminars and International Studies, plus its French program is one of three American schools recognized by the French government. We promptly added Hopkins to our list of colleges to visit that first summer. Now Drew will graduate from Johns Hopkins in May as a double major in International Studies and History with proficiency in French and Arabic.

 Throughout his four years at Hopkins, Drew was a varsity distance runner (XC and Track) and a writer for the august News-Letter and tasteless Black and Blue Jay. He also played ice hockey freshman year and was an Aitchison Fellow in Washington, D.C. last spring. Oh, did I mention that Drew has a full time job waiting for him where he interned last summer? YAY!!!!


Now let’s talk about Katy. Little Miss Math and Science AND little Miss Social. Katy recognized the good fit she would have with Hopkins early on and fought it every step of the college process way. Yet, when Katy had the good fortune to decide between her top choice schools, she surprised us and selected Johns Hopkins.

Why Hopkins? Katy saw the opportunities that Drew had at Hopkins and knew she could make it her own, too. Johns Hopkins is big enough / small enough – big enough to choose from a myriad of programs and activities (plus ignore a brother on campus), but small enough to make your mark and be on the radar screen, both academically and socially.

Some of you may remember Katy from a campus tour. In addition to being a member of the Blue Key Society, Katy is a JHU Student Ambassador and active in her sorority. As an economics major, with a possible minor in applied math, Katy has her eye on a semester at the London School of Economics or in D.C., like her brother. Although this is a student who took Biology for fun, Katy also studies Italian and sips lattes late into the night (well, that’s what she said).


Katy and Drew may be polar opposites, but they certainly have one thing in common: they both love Johns Hopkins University. Now high schooler Teddy (the musician in our family) is cautiously noting the college experiences of his siblings and sees how Hopkins could be a unique opportunity for him, too. Hey – no pressure of course, Teddy – but given our family track record with “the perfect fit”, a Johns Hopkins hat trick just may be on the horizon for us.

  • By JHU_Jessica, February 6, 2009 @ 10:18 AM

    I absolutely love this blog! As a student, we always say that there is no “typical” Hopkins student…but hearing this from a parent who obviously knows first-hand, is just a great perspective!

  • By JHU_Rohit, February 6, 2009 @ 2:03 PM

    This is a great entry! Like Jessica said, its definitely great to have a parental perspective. Thank you for taking your time to write about your experience. Maybe Teddy will end up coming too!!

  • By JHU_Dominique, February 7, 2009 @ 10:38 AM

    Wow,I truly enjoyed this entry…yay for parents!

  • By Rhoda Lefkof, April 22, 2009 @ 3:00 PM

    Beautiful entry by Drew and Katy’s Mother and who knows, possible future student Teddy. So from a Grandmother’s perspective, JHU is the perfect fit for my special grandchildren. RL

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