Engineering News Briefs: Winter 2009

Guitar Heroes helps Prosthetic Patients? 23guitar

That’s right! Researchers at the Applied Physics Laboratory are using Nintendo’s Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock game to allow amputees to rock out and get valuable training with prosthetic prototypes at the same time. The game speeds up the calibration process in a more interesting way than previously used methods. Read the entire article by clicking here.

Facebook for Pros

FbDuring Intersession, Hopkins students took a course to design Facebook applications. In Facebook 101, a course taught by computer science graduate students Carol Reiley and Daniel Mirota, students created new applications for the social networking site. The applications ranged from the useful to the frivolous. Read more here.

Engineering Week 2009

Once a year Hopkins lets the engineers run wild for a week. Actually it’s two weeks and they can pretty much do whatever they want the rest of the time anyway. But Engineering Week is always a fun time. One of the competitions in this year’s engineering week was the Tower of Power. Read about the competition here. To see the schedule of events check out this calendar.

Researcher Seeks to Turn Stem Cells into Blood VesselsEngmag-winter09

A Johns Hopkins engineer is trying to coax human stem cells to turn into networks of new blood vessels that could someday be used to replace damaged tissue in people with heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses. Read the full story here.

Winter 2009 Engineering Magazine

Click here to review a PDF of the most recent edition of the Johns Hopkins Engineering Magazine. This issue includes stories on a challenge to find new catalysts for fuel cells, a profile of Reeds Wolman ’49 – a true Hopkins legend, and a look at new collaborations between the Whiting School and the Applied Physics Lab.