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Neither a Kennedy nor a Princess of Monaco

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Let your mother make your bed at move-in

Time definitely moves quickly when you’re having fun! In four days, I board a plane at O’Hare airport to go back for my last year at Homewood. I’m all prepared: I’ve hired movers to help get my and my roommates’ things from the basement storage unit to our apartment on the third floor, made an appointment to install wifi, turn on the electricity, and drafted a shopping list of what I’ll.. Read More

A Day in the Life of an Intern

I can’t believe it, but three weeks from today is my last day at the office! For those of you that don’t know, I am working at the U.S. Embassy to Italy in Rome this summer as a public affairs intern. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and I am learning so much both about Italy and Italian politics, but also how the State Department actually works and the many.. Read More

Rome: Magic and Mayhem

Somehow I think I always seem to be writing about Italy – with good reason: this is now the second summer in a row I’ve found myself here. This time, I’m working at the US Embassy in Rome. (I was so blown away about getting this job, I wrote another blog about it!) I speak Italian fluently, and I’m passionate about Italian culture and politics. You’d be surprised how similar our.. Read More

Hopkins in the Rain

Spring has sprung, April showers bring May flowers, and all that. The rain is in fine form today with showers making our hundreds of SOHOP visitors all wet. Yesterday was absolutely beautiful – 70 degrees, sunny, just the right amount of breeze, tons of people on the Beach. Today is the opposite: a little chilly and absolutely pouring down, with the water gushing down Charles Street and creating inches deep.. Read More

Why I Chose JHU

So you got into Hopkins – congratulations! 575 of you already know you’re coming to Baltimore to begin the best 4 years of your life, but for the 2,542 of you who have until May 1 to decide if you’ll call Baltimore home, I hope you’ll listen to my humble opinion and strongly consider Hopkins as the college you attend. If you can, I’d strongly strongly recommend you attend SOHOP. If.. Read More

Let the Committee Reject You

Of all the advice I’ve been given over the years, I often think about one in particular, especially when I’m applying for something new: “Let the committee reject you.” It sounds kind of negative at first – the word “reject” is in there pretty prominently – but if you think a little more about what it means, it’s pretty encouraging. Often, when I would think about applying to something – an.. Read More

Trying Something New

After two extremely busy weekends this semester – sorority Recruitment and the JHUMUNC Conference – I am finally back with a semi-normal schedule. Good thing, too, since last weekend was a great weekend to spend time with friends and see some amazing performances by Hopkins Groups! One of the classes I’m in this semester, called “Drama Queens” is all about women represented on the opera stage, and part of the.. Read More

Getting Involved Politically On Campus

Today is January 26, 2017, six days into an new presidency and administration in this nation. The peaceful transition of power is one of the most beautiful traditions of our democracy, but we as citizens still have a responsibility to stay politically involved in the four years between presidential elections – and, honestly, in the two years between Congressional elections. After this election, I’ve personally been galvanized into getting more.. Read More

Take a Break

Hey all – some of you may have noticed it’s been a while since I last posted. Indeed, sophomore year basically hit me like a brick wall, but it’s a wall for which I am always grateful. When I returned from Italy, I spent four days at home with my family, and returned to Baltimore on August 11th, in order to train for the Pre-Orientation program I would be co-facilitating!.. Read More

Being Selfish

It is 7pm on Friday July 29, and I am finished with my Italian classes for this summer. Time is so funny that way. At the beginning of the summer, when I arrived on June 4th, I couldn’t possibly imagine living in this incredible country, traveling to some of the most incredible (and oldest!) cities in the world, and almost finishing all of my Italian language learning (one more level to.. Read More