Our Blog Categories

Below you will find a list of categories we use to organize every blog entry on Hopkins Interactive. Just click on the category you want to learn more about and every blog entry written on the topic will be listed for you.


Find discussions of anything related to professors, majors/minors, visual arts, Peabody, and general academics at Hopkins.


These are our words of wisdom for prospective students. We share how to adjust to Hopkins, “insider” tips on life at Hopkins, our experiences, what to bring, and everything in between.

Alumni Blogs

When students graduate from Hopkins, they go on to do some pretty exciting things. Sometimes, we’re lucky enough to have them write a guest blog for us, explaining what they are doing and how they got there.


If we reference sports, this is where you’ll find it. We’ll talk about going to events, playing sports on all levels, and even using the gym/facilities around campus.


We have fun off-campus too! We share our experiences at local restaurants, concerts, touristy things, shopping, and more.

Best of the Guest Blog

This past April, we began a series to highlight the “Best of the Guest Blog.” Don’t miss out on some of our most interesting guest blog posts by reading these blurbs.

Beyond Baltimore

Although Baltimore is a phenomenal city, we still take the occasional time away to explore other places. For our experiences with weekend/day trips away from Baltimore and exploring the rest of the region or country, read here.


We spend our school breaks in very different and interesting ways. Read here about our spring, summer, fall, Thanksgiving, and winter breaks.

Campus Events

There is never a dull moment on the Hopkins campus! This category includes (but is definitely not limited to) events like Spring Fair, MSE Symposium, and Sterling Brunch, as well as unique things about Hopkins like our many traditions.


Since we love our classes, we talk about them a lot on the blogs! Anything about the specific classes we are taking, have taken, or will take is covered here.

Common Blogs

Every once in a while, all of the Hopkins Interactive bloggers will blog in the same week and tackle the exact same topic or theme in their blogs. You’ll find these common blogs here.


Learn everything about dorm life here. This category includes official Cribs videos and photos, as well as smaller updates about dorms, apartment hunting, moving in/out, decorating, and more.

Current Parent Blogs

Hearing from students is great, but we love getting a parent’s perspective too.  These are entries written by parents of current Hopkins students.

Day in the Life

Ever wonder what the typical day is like at Hopkins?  We can assure you there is no such thing – tag along on a day in the life of a current student!

End of the Year Re-Caps

Every spring, the bloggers make posts recapping an entire year of blogging, complete with links and photos to remember them by.

Engineering News Briefs

A lot can happen in a month in the engineering world.  We update you on news, events, and major advances happening in our own engineering school.

Faculty and Staff Blogs

Our faculty and staff have so many experiences to share.  Their blog entries are all filed here.

Freshman Blog Contest

Every summer, Hopkins Interactive hosts a blogging contest that is open to every member of the incoming freshman class.  Read the winning entries here.

Greek Life

We have a whole host of fraternities and sororities on campus. Represented are service, multi-cultural, business, panhellenic, and inter-fraternity council organizations. Read about our experiences with them here.


We love the Homewood campus!  If we talk about places on campus, fun on campus, and anything else related to Homewood, it will be filed here.

Hopkins Now!

Last year, Hopkins Interactive created a bi-monthly video show to bring you all of the best news, events coverage, and more from the Homewood campus.


How are we spending our Intersession break?  Read all about our classes, vacations, jobs, holiday fun, and down time.

Mascot Blogs

A couple years ago, the Undergraduate Admissions office unofficially adopted a few mascots.  With this type of blog entry, we take one of the mascots and photograph it as it travels around the city, country, or world.


If anything doesn’t fit into our other categories, it goes here.

Performing Arts

Performing arts is a big deal on the Hopkins campus.  Whether we’re writing as a participant or a spectator, you can expect to read lots about theater productions, comedy shows, dance exhibitions, a capella concerts, and more.


We sure have strong opinions on the issues that matter most to us.  Any talk of politics, ranting about a situation, and our general opinions can be found here.

Pop Culture

We may study hard, but most of us love staying in touch with pop culture.  Every so often, we’ll discuss or recommend movies, TV, books, fashion, celebrities, magazines, and more.

The “Real” World

Unfortunately, college doesn’t last forever.  When we speak about our future plans – including internships, pre-professional advising, jobs, the Career Center, and more – you can read about it here.


Sometimes, we really do use our blogs as journals to work through issues, concerns, or life reflections.  Here, you can read about our thoughts, worries, ideas, and more.


Johns Hopkins was founded as an undergraduate research institution.  Needless to say, research takes up a lot of our time here.  Read about the wide variety of different research experiences – no two approaches are the same, we can guarantee it.

Social Action

For many Hopkins students, it’s really important to give back to the community.  If any blog entry addresses volunteering or community service, you can read about it here.

Social Life

Some of our best memories of Hopkins won’t be the hours invested in studying at the library – it will most likely be the hours spent having fun with friends.  Any mention of the people you meet at Hopkins, our friends, our family, and the fun we have at school will be found here.

Student Activities

Students on the Hopkins campus love to stay busy!  Read about how we keep active by participating in clubs, community service organizations, and other school-sponsored extracurricular activities.

Study Abroad

Students at Hopkins study abroad during fall and spring semesters, summers, and even Intersession. To read about our experiences planning and actually living our study abroad time, read the posts in this category.

This Month at Hopkins

Every month, we make a post to recap all the happenings and latest news, accomplishments, or news-worthy moments at Hopkins.

Why Hopkins

Here, we’ll talk about what makes Hopkins unique and what this school has to offer its students. These are all reasons why we chose Hopkins – and why we think you should too!

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