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Posted by Dominique D. | Posted on November 1, 2011

And they’re worth way more than any diamonds. This past weekend, I went on my final retreat with Hopkins Christian Fellowship, the group that has been the joy of my life here. Although I already knew how amazing my friends were,  how blessed I am to have them, and how they have made my time here at Hopkins amazing–it was during this final retreat that I realized how much I really, REALLY love being a part of this group.


yea...be jealous it snowed at our retreat last weekend :)

I became acquainted with HCF, as we endearingly call it, during the first few days of move-in. I actually don’t remember how I found the group; I think I followed one of my friends from high school (I knew lots of people here from high school because of the Baltimore Scholars Program) to a free food event they were having and the rest is history. It was love at first sight (smell? lol). I immediately clicked with the people and the vision of the group, and my closest, most bestestest friends are from HCF. I’ve been able to cry, vent, confide in, encourage, and learn from my friends here.

Hopkins friends!

For those of you interested, HCF is one of many Christian groups on campus (if you look, you will see we really do have a lot). We have people from different denominations and spiritual backgrounds. There are people in the group who have been Christians their whole lives, while there are others who are just trying to learn. I love the openness and welcome-ness (ok that’s definitely not a word, sorry haha) in HCF. I’ve enjoyed all that we do:

1.) Weekly large group meetings in which we have songs of worship, then become engaged in a topic brought to us by a speaker. Then we have snacks and chatting afterwards, just so we could go to the library and spend even more time together (hey don’t judge…lol)

2.) Weekly Bible studies.

3.) Conferences/retreats…there’s one each winter, fall, and summer. They really are solace in the midst of a crazy school schedule.

4.) Social events like BBQs, bowling. potlucks, Christmas parties, movie parties, whatever!

5.) Service projects–we do things in the inner city, for Hopkins, and even go to China for missions every other year!


So, prospective students, all this to say…

This is one of the best parts about college. The people you meet. And Hopkins has so many amazing, talented, kind-hearted, I could go on and on, people willing to share their resources to help others out. I am so happy to be a part of this community.  And you’d be, too! College is the time to explore,k build strong bonds, and to get to know people you otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to. It’s awesome, I promise!


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