Spring Fair 2007: The Hottest Event on Campus

Name: Liny John

Class: Class of 2009

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1Two weeks ago was Johns Hopkins University’s 36th 2 annual Spring Fair.  What is spring fair you may ask?  It is a weekend long fair event on the Homewood campus filled with arts and crafts vendors, food vendors, games, rides, live performances and nighttime events and concerts.

This year I was fortunate enough to be accepted on the staff as marketing 3_2 chair.  By being on staff I got the inside scoop on everything it takes to put together the largest event on 4 campus.  Our meetings for spring fair started all the way back in September! We would have meetings every Friday at 6pm to report in on updates from our committee.  There were 44 people on staff altogether, and there were sixteen different committees.  Examples of the other committees include arts and crafts, daytime entertainment, food, games and contests, kids, nighttime concert and entertainment, non-profit, plant operations and security.

With marketing, my main goal was to advertise Spring Fair not only on 5 campus, but also more importantly in the neighboring areas of Baltimore.  This includes other college campuses in the Baltimore area.  Our major advertising was on the local MTA (mass transit association) buses.  Our committee was there to ensure that everyone in Baltimore knew about the event.

6Once the week before Spring Fair hit we were having meetings every night at 6pm.  We also got our awesome Spring Fair jackets and shirts this week.  Thursday night was our Spring Fair kick off party at the Hop Stop (our student union).  We had a great showing and a lot of people came!  And then Friday came along…

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday everyone on staff had to be awake and 7 ready to work by 6 am!  Most importantly we had to make sure all the vendors were loaded in and ready by the 10am start of Spring Fair.  As much as this wasn’t the best thing in the world, we did get to drive the club cars (they were like golf carts) around campus for load-in, which made things a lot more fun.

8Spring Fair started off without a hitch!  We had a great turnout on Friday and Saturday, which was awesome!  9Especially on Saturday, the weather was AMAZING!  Between the fried oreos, funnel cakes, thai food and greek pitas in the food section, the petting zoo in the kids section, the array of jewellry and purses sold at the arts and crafts section, and the awesome bands playing during the day, people loved Spring Fair.

10Each night, different events took place.  Friday night was another nighttime event at the Glass Pavillion.  With the Spring Fair theme this year as Candyland, our theme for the night was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  The event included lots of free chocolate, including a choc olate fondue machine!

Saturday night was also amazing since it was the night for the concert.  For 11 the nighttime concert, we got Chicago rapper Common.  If you haven’t heard of Common he’s done a lot of collaborations with Kanye West.  His opener was Baltimore rapper Bossman.  The concert was a HUGE success and we sold over 1,200 tickets!  Besides a slight delay in starting the concert, the concert was amazing!  I didn’t get to take a picture with Common but I did say hi to him, from a foot away, and he gave me the peace sign.  Better than nothing!  Being on staff though, we had to stay until 3:30 in the morning to clean up the stage.

12 Unfortunately, after two absolutely great days of Spring 13Fair, the weather was terrible on Sunday.  The rain was pouring so a lot of the vendors, both arts and crafts and food, decided to move out on Saturday.  Following that, a lot of the other events decided to also be canceled.  Though Spring Fair is technically open rain or shine, with all the 14event cancellations it was pretty much like Spring Fair was cancelled.  As much as this was terrible, it was kind of bittersweet for everyone on staff.  It meant we could clean up early.  We ended up cleaning up all of fair by 3pm on Sunday, instead of the traditional midnight of Sunday.

All in all, Spring Fair was amazing! It’s only been a coup le of days since it was over and I miss it already.  I can’t wait to be on staff again next year.

Picture captions (from top to bottom, left to right, left to right, etc.)

1. Some of the spring fair staff after the weekend was over…in a much more relaxed mood.
2. Kid’s section of spring fair
3. Common!
4. Some of staff at 6 in the morning.
5. Clean-up after the Common concert
6. Having fun setting up the jousting game.
7. Driving the club cars
8. Dressing up for the kids section
9. The petting zoo
10. Counting some of the money we made from ticket sales
11. Early morning, helping with load-in
12. Some of the concert audience
13. One of the ad’s marketing used for Spring Fair
14. Spring Fair logo

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