Metamorphosis: (n) A transformation, as by magic or sorcery

Name: Jessica Kraus

Year: Class of 2011

Hometown: Tenafly, NJ

Major(s): Public Health (Social Science)


December 15th, 2006 was Christmas ten days early for me. Before that Friday, I had gone around my grade seeing if there was any Johns Hopkins early decision competition in my high-strung New Jersey school (to my relief there wasn’t). I nearly had thrown my computer across the room when I found out that admissions decisions would be coming by e-mail at no earlier than 6pm. I visited Admission Daniel’s blog multiple times every day to see if there was any information posted. To keep it short anticipation kept building.

I will never forget at 6:01 pausing Toy Story II (my distraction during the final Family_bloghour of waiting) and refreshing Gmail one last time to see the only word I needed to see: Congratulations. It was the one word I needed to read to let me know that I did not have to finish the rest of my college essays, that I would be living in Baltimore, that I could run to my mom screaming with excitement, and most importantly, that I could create a Johns Hopkins ’11 facebook group.

I thought the excitement would calm down that night, but it didn’t. It still hasn’t calmed down. In fact it probably has only grown with the number of days becoming fewer until walking on the brick walkways for the next four years. I am eager to see what Hopkins shapes me into: what major I walk out with, what activities I get involved with, and what friends I end up with. When people ask me what I’m going to major in, if I’m going to do track in college, and what courses I’m going to take I’m usually able to give stern answers, but the truth is I have no idea and don’t attend to predict the path I go on ahead of time.

I picked Hopkins because I could imagine telling people I’m going to “Johns Hopkins” and wearing a Hopkins sweatshirt. I picked it because I could imagine myself around the student body I saw on my visits. I picked it because after 28 stressful college tours it was still number one. And even though I must admit that I’m scared of the workload, I didn’t want to put down a school simply because it’s known as a “challenge.”

So, what has happened since that night when it was all determined? Well I said Graduation_bloggoodbye to the school system I’ve grown up in since I was five. In the past months I’ve slowly been realizing that my old high school—my days of 8am-3pm school—have been replaced. After looking through numerous colorful Hopkins mailings, registering for classes after drafting several schedule possibilities, and finding out my roommate I’m beginning to realize that I’ll be doing more than just going to Staples this summer for my back-to-school shopping.

I’m nervous. I feel as if I missed the metamorphosis I was supposed to go through on June 20th when I threw my cap into the air. I’m supposed to be a college student. Though I’m realizing that I will be going to college on August 31st that doesn’t mean that I’ve become ready. The problem is I don’t know what the “college student” me is supposed to be like. Am I supposed to suddenly be ready for 300-level Biostatistics? Am I supposed to be having philosophical conversations with my parents?

I’ve been postponing searching for cheap extra long sheets, figuring out how many bags it takes to pack a bedroom, and determining when to say Forbidden_city_blog bye to people partially because I’ve been in China and now am reading the new Harry Potter, but also because I’m scared of facing becoming this “college student.” Though I’m excited for new friends, courses, and opportunities, lurking in the back of my mind is the thought of not sleeping in my bed the night before the first day of school. I’ve given up on the idea that I’m supposed to become a college student this summer. For now I will continue my long summer days full of sleeping, interning, and confirming friend requests from my new classmates. I will just have to wait until Homewood campus is below me for the metamorphosis to begin.



Picture #1: My family caught by surprise in our post-graduation trip to JHU. I find our expressions rather funny.

Picture #2: I’m just about to get my diploma! My high school has the girls wear white and the boys wear black.

Picture #3: Sporting my JHU apparel in the Forbidden City.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the picture in front of the Hopkins sign. I think it should be put in the Hopkins Viewbook. :) Can’t wait to meet you, Jessica! Great entry.

  2. I agree … all the pictures are great and work well with such a wonderful entry. However Jessica, we are going to have to teach you about branding and making sure that JHU logo or the name is prominent. J/K

  3. Nice JHU apparel in the Forbidden City! and nice entry…

  4. great post… it was nice seeing your family again. lol

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