The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a four-part series where we are featuring guest blogs written by incoming freshmen to the Class of 2011. We hope you enjoy these entries from students on the verge of beginning their Hopkins experience.


Name: Joshua Gleason

Year: Class of 2011

Hometown: Park Ridge, NJ

Intended Major(s): Film and Media Studies and/or Writing Seminars


So just to introduce myself a little bit … My name is Josh.  I live in New Jersey, about 45 minutes from New York City.  I love music, and I have played tons of instruments.  Right now I am in the Joshua1_2final days of playing with my band before 3 of us go off to college.  Even though I am ending one chapter of my life, I’m set to start the next.

First let’s take a look back at the journey that got me to Hopkins.  From the moment I stepped on the JHU campus back on an excruciatingly hot July day for my visit, I fell in love with the school and knew I couldn’t picture myself at any other school in the world!  O.k. … maybe not.  I pretty much felt that way about every school I visited for about a day or so and then it was a toss up between other comparable schools.  But ever since I got that rejection letter from ED choice Columbia (I didn’t really want to go there anyway!  Right?), I have kept my eye on Hopkins and all it had to offer.

Then came April (dun dun dun) … the dreaded month of college rejection … I mean acceptance letters.  As I patiently waited on the mail each day, my mom was frantically checking every Internet blog out there.  I think she secretly developed a crush on Daniel Creasy (a.k.a. Admissions_Daniel) while perusing – yes I said perusing – the web for all of the information available on each school I applied to.  Dying to stop talking about colleges in every conversation I had, the day finally came!

Johns Hopkins still wasn’t my top choice at that point … but it was slowly becoming a dark horse in contention for my amazing intellectual assets (wink wink) … and more importantly, my money.  It was a battle royale P5310006between Vassar and Hopkins at that point since I got wait listed from Northwestern. To do some research, I finally joined the Hopkins Facebook group and this was key! After a few hours of reading through the endless messages, I finally decided … THIS IS WHERE I WANT TO BE FOR THE NEXT 4 YEARS.

I took the next steps.  I sent in my deposit, went to an open house, and bought my Johns Hopkins sweatshirt. I was officially a Blue Jay at that point. I even started to get the incessant questions, “Oh, so you are going to John Hopkins.  Are you going to be a doctor?”  And as a prospective Film/Writing Sems major I get blank stares after revealing that little tidbit.  Not only did it sink in that I would have to correct everyone’s instant assumptions about my major, but I would also have to listen to my school’s name be butchered in different ways by most of the people I talk to.  The most surprising part of this was that it would even be mispronounced when I was wearing my JHU gear which clearly displays the name!

This summer has been full of partying, slowly searching for a job, going to see tons of my favorite bands play (Brand New, Jet Lag Gemini, Bob Dylan, Manchester Orchestra, Colour Revolt Joshua3and The Decemberists), watching movies, lots and lots of late nights, and anxiously awaiting every single bit of mail from Hopkins.  As soon as the big Orientation packet arrived, I ripped open the envelope and started “perusing” through the different pages.  But then it finally hit!  This is actually happening.  In just a matter of days now, we will all be in college together.  It’s and exciting and nerve-racking time.  Housing stuff came and the reality set in.  Goodbye home.  It’s time to move on and move out.

As summer winds down, I’m getting ready for school by figuring out what I need and spending lots of money. I guess that is what college is about:  preparation and debt. But everything will be fine. I am sure of it. I cannot wait to step onto campus. I remember when I was younger I used to think Joshua2 college kids were so old, but I don’t see myself in the same why I pictured I would. It seems a little intimidating, but it’s also a challenge I can’t wait to take on. I am finally going to a place where I can be challenged to become someone better because of the enormous talent I will be surrounded with.  I am ready, or at least I hope so. But whatever happens, I know we will go through it together as the Johns Hopkins Class of 2011!

P.S. If you know the song I am referring to in the title, I’m sure we will be great friends next year!

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  1. songs in the title??? another jackie. lol nice post man…

  2. I agree with Blake … a great post. Also, I like the song lyrics as blog title approach — Jackie is great at that. I didn’t know these lyrics (sorry Josh but I am old) … so I looked them up on Google and found a cool video. Good choice!!!

  3. I completely agree with the previous two comments. If you like The Decemberists than I can only expect great titles in the future. I liked your mentioning how everyone asks if you want to be a doctor. I get that all the time and then when I say I’m a philosophy major ppl usually look concerned.

  4. Daniel, do you get many bites on these student blogs! They are very entertaining. These kids are so clever.Methinks you are a motivating leader. Miss your stuff. Hurry up and write. An admirer.

  5. I really enjoyed this josh and I could relate to it, which was awesome. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to hear you play guitar/sing in the next four years!

  6. Good job Josh!! :P

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