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It's Intersession time!  The holidays are over, and now is the three-week period when a big portion of the Hopkins community comes back to campus to work, take fun classes, study for the MCATs/LSATs/GREs, or explore the city.  But, most importantly, Intersession is generally an extension of winter break – even with certain responsibilities, the students who choose to come back make sure they enjoy lots of rest, fun, and relaxation too!

So, the Hopkins Interactive Guest Blog will be on break for a few more weeks, just like its students.  Don't worry, though – we'll be back in mid-February with a host of new and exciting blog entries!  For now, we invite you to take a look back and enjoy the entries from the Summer and Fall of 2008!


Over the summer, Hopkins Interactive held its 2nd annual blogging contest, this year for the Class of 2012.  We asked these incoming freshmen to address anything related to the topic of arriving at Hopkins in the fall: the goal was to be able to post a series of blog entries written by incoming freshmen about their personal thoughts and experiences before the official start of their Hopkins years.  In the end, we chose five blog entries to represent the Class of 2012 and published them for you to read!  Here they are:

08.18.08 – Hannah – "An Ode to Thumbtacks" – CLICK HERE.

08.19.08 – Emily – "Ready or Not, College, Here I Come!" – CLICK HERE.

08.20.08 – Diem – "The Day Marked on the Calendar" – CLICK HERE.

08.21.08 – Lauren – "The Ending and the Endless" – CLICK HERE.

08.22.08 – Rohit – "'Head Shake' by Mr. Johns Hopkins" – CLICK HERE.


In the fall, the Hopkins Interactive Guest Blog resumed bringing to you blog entries from a variety of students on the Hopkins campus.  With the following 17 blog entries, Hopkins Interactive had the pleasure of presenting topics from study abroad to fitting in as a freshman to choosing a major … and MUCH MORE.

11.03.08 – Mohammad – "3707 Miles of Endless Road" – CLICK HEREA sophomore shares how bicycling across the country with Hopkins 4K For Cancer taught him the value of life … especially its twists and turns.

11.06.08 – Nick – "Working with HIV/AIDS Patients in Kakinada, India" – CLICK HEREInterning at a private hospital in India over the summer, one junior learned of the way equanimity and compassion can lead to extraordinary things.

11.10.08 – Tanya – "The Game of LIFE" – CLICK HEREA transfer student talks about handling, appreciating, and welcoming the uncertainties of life.  Sometimes things don't turn out like you planned!

11.13.08 – Laura – "A Day in the Life of a BME Cross-Country Runner" – CLICK HEREA junior engineering athlete takes us hour-by-hour through one of her typical and exciting days!

11.18.08 – Phillip – "Living Off Campus" – CLICK HEREA senior talks about how great an advantage it is to live off campus and how great it can be to come home to your best friends.

11.20.08 – Ardi – "The Hopkins 500: One of the many myths about Hopkins" – CLICK HEREMyths, debunked!  A freshman learns through first-hand experience that what you hear about a school isn't always the truth.

11.24.08 – Mark – "The Two Month Anniversary" – CLICK HEREA freshman talks about the strong and happy "relationship" he has already formed with Hopkins – and can definitely see it lasting beyond two months!

11.27.08 – Evelyn – "Pre-Med to PhD" – CLICK HEREA junior reveals how, sometimes, taking one random class can open your eyes to a whole world you hadn't known before … and, ultimately, how that one class can truly change everything.

12.01.08 – Anna – "The 4K and Beyond: My Hopkins Experience" – CLICK HEREA junior talks about how meaningful the adventure of the Hopkins 4K For Cancer was for her, and how she appreciates the opportunities that Hopkins gives to us all.

12.04.08 – Tabitha – "Fall Break" – CLICK HEREA sophomore shows that, even when things can get really hectic here sometimes, Hopkins students always take advantage of their free time!

12.08.08 – Allison – "Paris, Je t'aime" – CLICK HEREA junior talks of her summer spent working at a French hospital – and how it impacted her views on health care, cultural differences, and the way we lead our lives.

12.11.08 – Erin – "Anything but Blase…" – CLICK HEREA freshman shares common concerns about her first year in college – and shows that even the biggest changes in life can give wonderful results.

12.15.08 – Rena – "Life Behind the Bar" – CLICK HEREWhat's it like behind the Cafe Q counter?  A senior barista gives us an inside peek at our favorite coffee and snack spot!

12.18.08 – Kristan – "Tutoring Tales" – CLICK HERELearning to manage your time in college is a tough skill to master.  A freshman shares her secret to structuring her time – getting involved in Tutorial Project and being responsible for someone else.

12.22.08 – Sam – "So You Want to Start an Organization…" – CLICK HERE A sophomore shares his experiences with starting a political publication (JHU Politik) on the Hopkins campus.  It takes a lot of commitment, but it's not as hard as you might think!

12.25.08 – Carolyn – "Experiencing Ecuador through Engineers Without Borders" – CLICK HEREAs a member of Engineers Without Borders, a trip to Santa Rosa de Ayora to design a children's nursery taught this junior that an engineer's job is much more than just the planning of a building: it's making a true difference in people's lives.

12.29.08 – Benjamin – "Coming Together at the Freshman Formal" – CLICK HEREA freshman speaks about his experiences with Student Government Association and how its Freshman Formal was the perfect, memorable way to bring together the Class of 2012.


With yet another summer and fall down, Hopkins is already gearing up to start spring semester 2009.  We are sure to bring you another great selection of guest blog entries in the coming months, so STAY TUNED!

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