The List Goes On (and on, and on)

Name: Rebecca Krishnan-Ayer

Year: Class of 2013

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Intended Programs of Study: History of Art & Writing Seminars


The Johns Hopkins New Student Portal is a to-do list addict’s dream come true. Trust me, I know—I’ve been drawn to the artful craft of list making since I could hold a pencil in one hand and a Post-It notepad in the other. So when I discovered that preparing for my first semester at The Hop over the summer would be as easy as checking off items 1, 2, 3, you could say that I had an early Christmas. But I have since realized that I have a less obvious to-do list for the summer—one that doesn’t involve filling out a form or mailing in a check, but one that merits my time, nonetheless…

1. Enter the Summer Blogging contest. Make AdmissionDaniel AdmissionHappy!

2. Stalk PB Teen website. Fastidiously and frequently. (Okay, so I may be able to already cross this off the list…yikes). Those seemingly evasive Twin XL Sheets manifest themselves in a vast array of college kid-friendly colors from girly pinks to classic grays. The PB Teen marketing department should recruit me—I could do great things for their company—but I digress.

3. Refine study skills. Shift from Summer Mode to School Year Mode. I may have temporarily forgotten that my body was capable of functioning on the latter. This means no more watching marathon re-runs of poorly-directed “reality” shows on Bravo.Rebecca1

4. Refine social skills—embarrassing but true. After attending an all-girls school for 14 years of my life, I am anticipating the different (not to mention co-educational) social dynamic at Hopkins. Come to think of it, in less than six weeks, I will be fully immersed in an academic setting free of rampant gossip and boyfriend-stealing. Or maybe that goes on at JHU as well…hmm?

5. Purchase and read Johns Hopkins: A Silhouette by Helen Hopkins Thom. I’m eager to crack the enigma of Johns Hopkins and learn a little bit more about his life, his philosophies, and what kind of idea he envisioned for JHU. If it weren’t for Mr. Hopkins, we wouldn’t be college-bound for JHU. Without him, Baltimore would be an entirely different place. The field of medicine would never be the same. In short—apocalypse. Plus, he’s looking pretty sharp on the front cover…and speaking of books…

6. Renew fourth grade-level fervor for the Harry Potter series. Okay, so I admit that this has absolutely nothing to do with the anticipation of being a freshman at Hopkins, but I would be lying if I didn’t include this on my summer to-do list. I faithfully attended a midnight-showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I didn’t, however, go so far as to dress up as my favorite HP character. Seeing the movie conjured (no pun intended) memories of the good ol’ times when my friends and I used to pretend like we went to Hogwarts. Sadly, they always cast me as a dementor…I hope there is a Harry Potter Appreciation Club at JHU! If not, who’s on board with me?!

7. Anxiously await dorm assignments—with fingers, toes, and every limb on my body crossed. I may be living it up in the Hopkins Inn for all I know! (Is room service included in the “unlimited” meal plan?). This potluck roommate thing is a little unnerving, but at the same time, I’m excited to meet someone new and can’t wait to literally live the college experience.

8. Dispose of high school laptop (fondly dubbed “craptop” by myself and my high school peers) and purchase the perfection that is the mactop!

9.Utilize new Mac laptop to check JHU email everyday. JHU email just may be the new black.

10. Take placement tests. Does Webscape lie? It placed me in French 301…au secours!

Rebecca2 11. Register for classes. You could be in Reykjavik or Timbuktu when July 1, 7:00am rolls around, but no fear if a computer is near (rhyming intentional for dramatic emphasis). I was on a remote Greek island—OPPA!—when registration began, and I must say, it was quite the experience.

12. Book flight from Dallas to Baltimore. This certainly is up there on my agenda if we were to rank things to do before I leave in order of importance. Conveniently, I have not arranged my list in order of importance. Regardless, I should probably get started on those tickets.

13. Learn how to dress myself. The green and white uniform that I have donned halfway in my sleep since I was practically a fetus must now be ceremoniously purged from my wardrobe (tear). Gone are the days of plaid pajamas under an unbuttoned and severely-clashing plaid uniform skirt, topped off with serious bed-head and unsightly under-eye circles. I’ve realized that just won’t be acceptable anymore when no one else is dressed like that.

14. Pimp my profile. “Pimp” meaning join the Johns Hopkins ’13 network and notice the almost instantly cool status now associated with your Facebook page. I have been waiting for this moment for longer then you could ever imagine (impressive or just plain sad?). Also, it’s about time that my Facebook page received some long overdue pampering. I’m cleansing my profile (much like my wardrobe) and finally deleting those numerous unflattering photos, 36 inbox messages and 12,334,732,976 requests to take the “Which Twilight character are you?” quiz. I’m not a Twilight character and never will be.

15. Spend quality time with family and friends. It’s bizarre to think that next year, I won’t be Rebecca3 seeing these faces or hearing these voices on a regular basis anymore. But hey, in terms of the voices thing, that’s what cell phones are for, right?

16. Be a big girl next year. Direct quote from the mother. I am laughing out loud as I type this. I do believe that living on my own, over 1,210 miles away from home, will require some degree of growing up.

17. Relax & do the Hoppy Dance! Enough with the bed sheet picking, flight booking, class registering, placement test taking, form filling, self reinventing, and to-do list making (as much as I love that last one). I’m squirming with anticipation for my arrival at JHU each and everyday. As summer winds down, nothing will be left “to do.” Instead, I will look forward to classes, friends, a new home, and memories “to remember.” I’m convinced that our times at Hopkins will be spectacular. I also have an inkling that while we’ll be busying ourselves with lots “to do” in the coming four years, we will have a wealth of experiences “to remember” for life. In the meantime, I’ll keep making my to-do lists.

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  1. Rebecca, I am a huge fan of lists so I loved your blog entry. I actually make a list to organize the various “to do” lists I maintain each day … it is an illness. I was definitely AdmissionsHappy with your blog, especially since you referenced the New Student Portal To Do List — which my colleagues and I spent A LOT of time on this past year.

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