Weather and Halloween

Name: Jessie Koljonen

Year: Class of 2013

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Program of Study: Behavioral Biology and Spanish (minor)


Fall here in Baltimore is one of my favorite times of the year. The leaves are changing color, the weather is getting colder, and the stress from midterms is finally winding down (well, for most of us!). I especially love the changing of seasons, not only because it means I can start busting out my coats and boots and scarves, but also because it’s not something that happens where I’m from. Arizona pretty much only has one season- hot. And while I do love many things about the Grand Canyon State, there really isn’t a transition between “I feel like I’m in an oven hot” (aka summer, where it can get up to 120 degrees!) and just hot (currently the high in Phoenix is 94 degrees- here in Baltimore it’s 51 degrees). Back home, there really aren’t any leaves around that I can see change from green to red and yellow and orange- which to me seems like a true sign that fall is here, we only have lots and lots of prickly cacti.

To make fall even better, it was just Halloween! That’s another thing I love about fall, it’s the overall beginning of the holiday season. First there’s Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and finally New Years – all packed in less than 3 months. Back to Halloween, I’ve come to realize that it is great at two points in your life- when you are little and it’s still acceptable to go trick-or-treating without getting weird looks from people who think you are too old to trick-or-treat, and when you are in college.

Fells Point at Halloween

One of the great things about Halloween in college, and especially here at Hopkins is that it is more than just a one night event- it’s an entire weekend filled with crazy costumes and tons of fun things to do both on and off campus. Even though we all had midterms to study for and papers to write in the upcoming weeks, thankfully most professors were nice enough to not have anything like a crazy 9am midterm the day after Halloween, so most of my friends could go out and enjoy Halloweekend. I mean, we might as well take advantage of it – Halloween only comes around once a year.

A tip for any of you who are planning on celebrating Halloween here at Hopkins next year- have multiple costumes! While this may have been a little overkill, my roommate Nikki and I had been planning our costumes since this summer. (Okay, I admit that summer was definitely too early to plan, but we were excited about all our ideas!) My Halloween festivities started on Thursday night, where two girls in my sorority had a combined birthday party, which was basically a giant costume themed dance party and so much fun. Nikki and I decided it was a good idea to start Halloween with costume number 1: bags of M&Ms – she was a bag of peanut M&Ms, and I was a bag of dark chocolate M&Ms. Friday and Saturday nights were filled with Halloween parties and lots more costumes, all leading up to Fell’s Point on Sunday night. Fell’s Point during Halloween is one of the biggest Halloween parties in the country. Students from all the colleges in the area come all dressed up, the streets are packed, and it’s so much fun seeing all the costumes that people have come up with. My roomie Nikki and I decided to be matching firefighters, and we both stupidly forgot our coats, something I really regret! Thankfully, there was a fudge shop open that sold hot chocolate, which helped keep me warm. Not only are there students down at Fells, but Baltimoreans come down just to see all the costumes and take pictures of all the shenanigans, because it’s such an event. You definitely have to go at least once during your 4 years here at Hopkins. Because there are so many nights for Halloween, sometimes you’ve got to be creative when you have to have so many costumes for the weekend. One of my favorite costumes was my friend Malena’s “Snail Mail” costume, she was a snail mailman- it was such a great idea! All in all, I can’t even tell you how many awesome costumes people came up with this year. I saw everything from the Three Blind Mice, Chilean miners, Disney princesses, fairies, bananas, Teletubbies, lifeguards, bumblebees, lumberjacks, and so so so much more.  For me, four costumes later (M&Ms, a ninja, a pig, and a firefighter), I’d say that I had a pretty successful Halloween, but now I’m ready to wear just normal outfits again. Now that Halloween is over, I have two weeks until I get to go home for Thanksgiving, and I can’t wait!

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  1. Jessie,

    Your mom sent me this link, it’s wonderful. She tells me that you are doing well and have finally found a major that suits you best, how exciting! Please keep in touch. We will be having a PPA reunion in January, do hope you can make it. Check out the facebook section and shortly I will be mailing home an official invitation. We miss you, take care.

    Laura Z.

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