Looking Back to the Start

Name: Sara I. Abdel Rahim

Hometown: Alexandria, Egypt

Year: Class of 2012

Majors: International Studies & Anthropology


I remember the first time I visited Hopkins, I was a senior in high school it was the first quarter of the year. My friend and I drove up from Northern Virginia in her moms car, armed with a GPS and enough gas and toll money to make it to Baltimore and back. We were set to find out more about this school that we were both anxious for the opportunity of attending together. It was a sunny day, the campus was beautiful with trees changing color, the buildings looked extra shiny with the sun-light hitting them, the grass freshly cut– it was all just so welcoming. I remember making it back home after a day full of exploration of the Homewood campus, and telling my parents about how much I enjoyed my visit and that now, Johns Hopkins was without a doubt, my first choice.

April 1st 2008 was certainly a nerve-racking day. I remember sitting at my desk on my computer consistently refreshing my yahoo inbox waiting for an admissions decision letter and checking my junk-mail just incase it went there. My dad was sitting right behind me on my bed trying to distract me from the lack of an email in my inbox that was going to shape my future. It was getting closer and closer to 6PM and that’s when emails were being sent out, with a burst of energy I told my dad, “if I get in to Hopkins, I’ll run down our neighborhood street screaming in joy”. When I turned around to continue refreshing my inbox it was there, one email, form Johns Hopkins University. I clicked on it, and I don’t think I made it past the “Congratulations” and started crying with joy. I hugged my dad my tears still intact smiling. He smiled right back and said, “remember what you have to do now?”

MAPP (mentoring assistance peer program) retreat photo 2011

That was almost four years ago. And as I sit writing this blog, the sun is shinning on our campus, the grass looks freshly cut, and the buildings look as shiny as they did the first time I visited Hopkins. I’m now a second semester senior double majoring in International Studies and Anthropology. As I look back over my time here at the Homewood campus as its all coming to an end this May with graduation, I’m nostalgic. My time at Hopkins has allowed my to make some great friends, enabled me

Attending an OLE event with some friends (junior year)

to take some really interesting classes that have shaped and focused my interests in a range of disciplines. Being at Hopkins has also given me the opportunity to become involved on campus as a leader, and a mentor. And most of all the drive to seek to continue exploring the world with a level of uncapped passion for discovery.

Halloween 2009. My roommates and I dressed up as the spice girls and ran into a group of Waldos in Fells Point. (I’m scary spice)



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