Thoughts of a Hopkins Dreamer

Name: Chantel Fletcher

Year: Class of 2014

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Major: Public Health


If you really want to know if Hopkins is right for you, you must examine Hopkins from different lenses. I am here to showcase my experience here at Hopkins, so far. First, I want to introduce myself. My name is Chantel Fletcher. I am currently a sophomore studying Public Health Studies. I am from Detroit, Michigan. I get homesick a lot only because I can be a crybaby at times. My freshmen year I lived in Wolman Hall. It was nice; I shared a room with another girl and we had to share a bathroom and a kitchenette with 2 other girls. This year I have the luxury of living by myself in Homewood apartments. I just like coming home after class to my own space. It makes a difference in my life but we are all different.

I could begin to talk about the classes. I actually have fun in classes that are interesting to me. As a public health major, I enjoy classes such as health policy and cultural factors. Although the classes stressed me out I feel like I am getting a quality education. At Hopkins, you meet some dedicated professors and teaching assistants.  You may run into some who could care less but Hopkins provides several resources to help you succeed at Hopkins. You have the Learning Den if you aren’t a genius in Chemistry, Microeconomics, Calculus, Biology, Neuroscience, Physics, along with a wide range of other courses. Also if you aren’t too good at perfecting a paper then there is also help. The Writing Center is a great tool to utilize at Hopkins.

But Hopkins isn’t just a stressful place. There are fun events here. The highlight of my spring semester is definitely Spring Fair. It’s like a carnival on our campus. We have great concerts! There is great food here and awesome things to buy when spring fair rolls around.  Hopkins tries to balance out our workload in my opinion. I’m not a fan of frat parties but there is a multitude of things to do here at Hopkins and around Baltimore. A few weeks ago I went to a Turkish restaurant with a few friends and they had belly dancers.

This photo was at the Steel Pan Showcase during Black History Month. Funny thing is I learned how to play. If you want to hear Mary had a little lamb on the steel pan, I am your girl.

This photo was during freshmen year. Putting us to work early on. You gotta work at Hopkins to progress. It was fun and it brought me and my floor mates together.

This photo was an ice skating trip planned by the residential advisory board. They have some pretty good ideas. I only paid $5 for transportation, skates, and admission. Did I mention that I will be on my Michelle Kwan next time?


This photo is from freshmen year Homecoming week. Yes, we got discount tickets to see Wiz Khalifa. I told you Hopkins is cool. I had great seats too :)

This photo is from my prefrosh days at Discovery Days. I literally explored the entire campus in a 3 day time span.

Transportation is not an issue either. The JHMI and Collegetown Shuttle are pretty reliable. Although the Collegetown serves other schools, I think it provides good service for what it’s worth. It goes to the mall which makes retail therapy possible. There is actually a free public bus called the Charm City Circulator. I use the Circulator a lot to get around because it’s free! The other public transportation, the MTA, isn’t bad either.  It only costs $1.60 but don’t quote me on that. You can also take the MARC train to DC to relieve some stress. DC is pretty cool.

I hope, through this post, that Hopkins has become more appealing to your eyes but I understand the senior year of high school stress. My only advice would be to really do your research and where you could see yourself prospering at. I know during my senior year I visited Hopkins, Dartmouth, Duke, University of Chicago and applied to 50 million colleges. Ultimately, I loved Hopkins and got really excited about my future. I had so much fun at Discovery Days, a program that the Multicultural Student Volunteers put on for prefrosh.


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