Name: Kimmy Hilson Year: Class of 2014 Hometown: Baltimore, MD Major: Sociology Minor: Entrepreneurship and Management *********************************************************************************** During the spring of my freshman year, I was certain that I wanted to major in sociology, but I was also certain that I wanted to pursue a minor. I thought about different options that might complement my…

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Learning to Simplify in both BME and Business


Name: Neil O’Donnell Year: Class of 2013 Major: Biomedical Engineering Minor: Entrepreneurship and Management ************************************************************************************ At Johns Hopkins University, I have taken many classes in to obtain a major in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in Entrepreneurship and Management. Some might assume that these courses have very little overlap, yet…

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Thoughts of a Hopkins Dreamer

This photo was an ice skating trip planned by the residential advisory board. They have some pretty good ideas. I only paid $5 for transportation, skates, and admission. Did I mention that I will be on my Michelle Kwan next time?

Name: Chantel Fletcher Year: Class of 2014 Hometown: Detroit, Michigan Major: Public Health ******************************************************************************************** If you really want to know if Hopkins is right for you, you must examine Hopkins from different lenses. I am here to showcase my experience here at Hopkins, so far. First, I want to introduce myself.…

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The Loves of a Blue Jay: Favorites of a Hopkins Student


Name: Elyse Thulin Year: Class of 2013 Hometown: Jackson, Wyoming Majors: Psychology and Anthropology ************************************************************ So, thinking about what life could be like as a Hopkins student? The promise and the glory of saying that you got to walk the brick pathways, climb the marble stairs and learn from the modern day…

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OH JHUMUNC, Look at how much you’ve grown?


Name: Richard Kumapley Year: Class of 2013 Hometown: Accra, Ghana Major: Public Health Minors: French Cultural Studies, Global Environmental Change and Sustainability ************************************************************************************ JHUMUC is a 1500-student mammoth of a conference. There are many different moving parts and it’s really hard to make sure everything is ready to go come conference time. It’s a pretty…

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