a look at my junior year so far (…literally)

by Jackie C.

“and the livin is easy”: a blog about what I’ve been doing this summer

by Jackie C.

In my past couple of blog posts, I’ve been spending a lot of time not writing about the things I’ve been doing in Baltimore over the summer, and promising that I’ll do it in a later post. Since I guess I don’t know how to write non-how-to blog posts anymore (seriously guys I’ve got a […]

The Croaker’s Guide to the World of A Cappella, featuring Pitch Perfect

by Jackie C.

Recently, my blog has been centered around giving a bunch of really unsolicited and probably a little unnecessary advice, and in the past, I’ve been all about telling people what to do and how to do it. So I guess I should talk about something I’m actually somewhat qualified to talk about. Are any of you […]

that one time i moved out of my dorm in 3 hours, and other end of the year words

by Jackie C.
Photo on 5-16-14 at 12.43 PM

Last year, I wrote an end-of-the-year blog post about how great it was to be back home in California, and in it, i talked about how it took me a ridiculously long time to pack up, and how I wished that I had started earlier. That’s right. In what might just be the biggest freshman […]

Finals Week, or how to sit alone in the library without looking like a loser (or a jerk)

by Jackie C.
this is how i feel about the impending doom that is finals.

It was spring fair just last week, and homecoming a few weeks ago. I love the end of the year here at Hopkins, because it comes with so many majestic, amazing, wonderful things, like free pizza, strange migrations of tropical, flamboyant birds, fraternity and sorority formals, and, of course, finals week. With finals weeks comes the […]

to the illustrious and magnificent almost-class of 2018

by Jackie C.

Almost-freshmen, Since it’s April, people have been writing, and are going to continue to write, philosophical reflections on their decisions to go to Hopkins. This blog post isn’t going to be that, although if you head over to my Oscar-nominated “On Getting Rejected from 8 Colleges and Still Being Happy,” you’ll get to read about […]

spring break 2k14: food poisoning, puppies, and east coast adventures

by Jackie C.

It was spring break two weeks ago. Ah yes. After a long two months, spring break, an essential part of the quintessential college experience, famous (infamous?) for the bad (good?) decisions, relaxation, making up for lost sleep, and bad tan lines, was finally upon us. Of course, spring break is nothing without the people you travel […]

DM (FTK!) and the Blazekid

by Jackie C.
Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 1.10.27 PM

You, dear reader(s), hear a ton about my life. If any of you are getting sick of hearing about that one time I sang at something, or that one time I overslept for something, or that other time I overslept for something,  keep reading, because this isn’t about me. …well not completely. Because I managed […]

project 365: a picture a day keeps the doctors away?

by Jackie C.

I’ve already written my cliché “look how much I learned in 2013″ new years blog post. My job as a blogger is to try to capture my experience as a Hopkins student through words. However, there’s a lot that goes on in my life that you don’t get to see in my blogs, partially because […]

2013: the year I learned to stop worrying and love college

by Jackie C.

Rewind to freshman fall.   You arrive at Johns Hopkins with a big plan and big dreams. You’re an engineer at one of the best research universities in the world! You go to every orientation event, pretending you don’t want to be there just like the rest of your hallmates, but actually interested in what […]

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