a farewell: letters to myself, then to others

dear 18 year old jackie, You are sitting at home, upset because you have just packed up your room and said your final goodbyes. In the morning, you’re going to go up to San Jose International Airport and fly out to Baltimore, a city you’ve only visited once, to move into your room in the …

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a week in the life

My teachers in elementary school used to tell my mom that I was someone who “marched to the beat of my own drum.” Nowadays, though, I march to the beat of something a little bit less exciting: iCal is so neat!!! I used to be one of those people who insisted on using paper calendars …

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spring break is for recharging

It’s spring break, and I’m in a cafe in New Orleans, enjoying the high-70’s-low-80’s weather. I’ve been sitting here for the past 5 hours- so far, I’ve submitted an application to an award (cross your fingers for me), sent out some emails, perused reddit, and watched 3 different segway tour groups roll by at a …

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2 0 1 5

So yeah, I’m back, nearly three months into march. You haven’t heard a lot from me, so let’s start off by wrapping up last year. What can I say about 2015? I kicked off 2014 with heartbreak, saying goodbye to the small california town that shaped me and taught me how to think. Knowing that …

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thoughts on having registered for my final semester

As all of my friends know, being at Hopkins has been an adventure, to say the least. Hell, even class registration has been a time. Let’s break down the highlights of my class registration experiences: registration for freshman fall: registration was during the summer. I was in Canada, on tour with the Monterey Jazz Festival Honor Band …

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a doodle in the life

like these houses of pitch perfect (and other fine art) fame.

reddit keeps me (and my blogs) honest: i’m back!

It’s been about three months since the last time I’ve posted a blog. You can call it writer’s block or procrastination – either way, I’ve been struggling with how to portray the last few months honestly. Misrepresentation is something I worry a lot about when writing admissions blogs. This self-doubt probably started when I wrote a blog …

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an open letter to those returning from break

I spent spring break on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and man, I’m tanned (a little sunburned, tbh), relaxed, and not quite ready to go back home. Let me tell you, it’s been a long time coming. My friend Hunt has brought up the idea of going to his house in Hilton Head since we …

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7 cute, insta-worthy things to do on spring break in baltimore: a masterlist

After one of the roughest patches of Hopkins schoolwork history that I can recall for a majority of my friends, it’s finally spring break, which means we all finally get to relax and take some time off of thinking about work for a couple of days. I don’t leave Baltimore until Tuesday (when I will …

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ironically, we parked right next to the best ice cream place in town, the charmery

the cold never bothered me anyway: a microblog

Someone must have made an ice princess really freaking mad this week. It has been snowing on and off all week. Not enough to get us a snow day, mind you, but just enough to get past my boots and get my socks wet. Basically, baltimore weather has been toying with Hopkins students’ collective emotions this …

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