the cold never bothered me anyway: a microblog

by Jackie C.
ironically, we parked right next to the best ice cream place in town, the charmery

Someone must have made an ice princess really freaking mad this week. It has been snowing on and off all week. Not enough to get us a snow day, mind you, but just enough to get past my boots and get my socks wet.¬†Basically, baltimore weather has been toying with Hopkins students’ collective emotions this […]

featuring jackie as the grinch: how i stole valentine’s day

by Jackie C.

“every blue jay at Hopkins liked v-day a lot, but jackie, who lived north of charles, did not! jackie hated v-day! the whole romance season! now please don’t ask why, nobody knows the reason.” it could be, perhaps, the weather and windchill. it could be her sinuses- after all, she was ill. but I think […]

my blogs will get more exciting after i can breathe through my nose

by Jackie C.

The season of the flu is upon us. And of course, in classic jackie fashion, I have gotten sick. I wish I could discuss how useful the health and wellness center is (I slept right through my appointment with them, sorry doctors!) or how just a couple nights of sleep really helps a person get […]

my 2014 videoblog: a year in the life

by Jackie C.
Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 3.58.04 AM

First thing’s first, happy holidays, and happy 2015! Last year, in order to properly document my life, i put together gifs of each month and posted them in the emmy-nominated blog post entitled “project 365.”¬†unfortunately for me, gifs are hard to make without a handy dandy gif-maker (which you can find all over the internet, […]

equal and opposite reactions

by Jackie C.

It’s late in the year (both the school and the calendar year, I guess), and it’s getting colder, and the looming holiday season is reminding me how far from home (both my hometown of pacific grove, ca, and my actual home, south korea) I really am. After a short week of breaksgiving, during which I […]

the mental notes and me: a microblog

by Jackie C.
Cropic Share File

Everyone’s got milestones that mark the passing of time and make it very real how short college really is, and how important it is to embrace every moment. For some people, it’s senior games, watching the people they look up to play their last sports game, and for others, it’s a final conference. Some people […]

happy hoplloween: 8 costumes you’ll probably see on halloween

by Jackie C.

It’s now the beginning of november, which means that Halloweekend was, very recently, upon us. Now let me tell you, in high school, I was ALWAYS on point with my costumes. My group of friends and I took halloween very, very seriously. Really, REALLY seriously. Back in high school, everyone was trying to impress each […]

a microblog in defense of selfies

by Jackie C.

selfies get a lot of flack. and for no good reason! I took a selfie in the bathroom mirror of the library after i noticed that a kind stranger had been posting feel-good messages all over the place: and my friends gave me so much crap! While one could argue that a selfie is a […]

behind the scenes of acatoberfest: singing, dancing, and ohana means family

by Jackie C.
I think that's a little bit over capacity.

Hey, did you know that I sing in an a cappella group? Since I haven’t written enough blog posts about a cappella yet, here’s another choi meets world post on a cappella! Yesterday night was the first annual Acatoberfest! Named punnily and with care (…by me) after the ridiculously large festival of joviality that takes […]

a day in the life of tuesday, posted on friday

by Jackie C.

Yes, I know its Friday. I come to you tonight on my phone from DC because I was watching probably the sickest newly-grammy’d band in the world, Snarky puppy, with someone you’ve seen on the blog a lot, my friend Dan. I could go on about how sick the show was and how they played […]

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