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This blog features profiles of Hopkins students and faculty to give readers a better sense of what it is like to be apart of the Homewood community. These candid, off-the-cuff responses and photos highlight a wide variety of students and their experiences on and off campus.
JHU Chirps is brought to you by the students of Hopkins Interactive. Hopkins Interactive is a social media website designed to enable prospective and admitted students to Johns Hopkins to connect with the university by offering them candid, uncensored information about student life on campus and throughout Baltimore. For more information on Hopkins Interactive, check out our main website here!
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  • Hi Georgina. Each fall, spring, and summer, we host our off-campus “Explore Hopkins” events all around the world. If you missed the event in your area this fall, keep an eye on our off-campus visit page, https://apply.jhu.edu/discover/hopkins-visits-you/, to see where we’ll be coming in the spring.

  • Hi, I am Joshua Simpson mother. I am just now seeing this card in his room. Will there be another chance the tour will come back to the Greenville SC area?

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